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Nether world innate drive intervention

I am Weng Meiling ( Chinese name). As I joined the Miss Hongkong beauty-pageant, I am not afraid to tell the public my age. I was born on May 7, 1959. I am 5'2", 93 pounds. So I look exquisite( small).

Looking back my childhood, it was not special, but it was still a little bit different from other girls. My father died when I was seven, so my mother and I are mutually dependent for survival. Losing paternal affection inevitably affected my small heart. However, mum loved me dearly, so my childhood was still very happy.

Although I am small, I am active and healthy since I was a kid. I am hard-nosed and emulous. I remembered that once I had a fever. Mum had never seen me getting sick before; she was scared and immediately sent me to the hospital. I was not scared at all even though I was only a few years old, so that it wouldn't be a big burden for mum who has to the role of father and mother.

I look pretty since I was in elementary school. I also love to be beautiful. I have kept the long hair for nearly 20 years. Because of the new play, I had to cut my long hair recently. I was already very sad about it. Even worse, I was scolded by Kent for (being sad). Another character of me is my big eyes and maxillary canine. Since I was a kid, my relatives all said that I am pretty. Many boys were attracted by me and courted me even before I completed my elementary school. They were little and the way they courted me was very old fashion. They either sent me flowers or wrote me love letters. I was heart-whole and was very proud of it, so that I told everything to mum without any reservation. As a result, the first group of boys who courted me was all rejected by mum.

Even though I am the only child in the family and my body is weak, mum did not spoil me. When I just knew the world, I have already left mum and lived in a rented a place near the school. It helped me develop my independence.
I am active but not tomboy. Like most of girls, I like dolls. I am very imaginative, I often imaged I was a doctor and treated the little baby. I pushed a little bead from the bottom of the toll to the belly, I thought that was shooting and taking medicine.

I don't have siblings, my life is inevitable lonely. Probably because of this, when I grew up, I really need care and love from boyfriend. I can't live without love. By the way, I was not always slimmer. You can see from some of my photos, I was a fat girl for a while. Some said that I also look pretty when I am plump.

Although I think I am pretty, I had never wanted and thought to be a TV star. Looking back, when I was about 14 or 15 I completed Form 4 and left for England. I lived in England for 8 years. I studied textile design in college. However, now I don't use what I learned. My dream of becoming weaving -woman is hard to come true. I came back Hongkong for beauty and pageant just for fun in 1982. However, it changed my life completely. I got to know Kent, it is one of the milestones in my life. But I don't believe the destiny. Is this change (moving to Hongkong) a blessing or a misfortune? I don't know. I only know that nether world innate drive intervention.

(thank you Melanie for the translation)