Weng Meiling put on RENNE brand sportswear as a model in 1985 [Flower]

Thanks @ 嘉宝 ---- 天涯 [赞 啊] for the blog post:
Before the death, I took a series of promotional photos for a certain brand of sportswear, but before I had time to log out, it was a pity that she died suddenly as a model, and this series of advertisements was not published publicly. Web link [to force]
TVB 1983 Taiqing Sportswear: Website link [to force]

Thanks to Figure 4 and analysis provided by @ 潇湘 翠竹 2013 [good], we can confirm that R is this brand:
RENEE sportswear. Awong Taiqing is definitely provided by the sponsor to TVB, and TVB will recycle it.
After Aung ’s death, it should be an advertisement for Carina Lau.

Feidaxing Co., Ltd. Brands:
RENEE-Full experience of French vitality Website link [to force]
Permeating the romantic atmosphere of southern France, the classic sportswear elements are combined with high-quality fabrics and tailoring to develop a series of dynamic vitality and stylish and elegant casual sportswear. The products are particularly elegant and unpretentious, free and implicit. taste. With a history of establishing high-quality sportswear for many years, RENEE's motto is innovation and change, never being complacent, and continuously improving the quality and service of its products, so as to gain the welcome and support of customers at all levels.

Today, RENEE continues to research and develop its product-related packages and services. In addition to giving back to customers for many years of support, it must also strive to stand out from its peers and achieve even more impressive results.

Old version Web link [to force]
RENEE, a time-honored brand that focuses on fashion design, quality and tailoring, is from 1982. Over the years, we have continuously improved the quality of our products and services, and have been widely welcomed and supported by men and women at work. Therefore, a time-series interlocking store with RENEE as its brand was established.

翁美玲1985年穿上RENNE 品牌運動服裝作模特兒[鲜花]

謝謝 @嘉宝----天涯 [赞啊] 的博文:
去世前为某品牌的运动装拍摄影了一辑宣传照,还没来得及登出,可惜做模特的她就突然去世了,这一辑广告没有得到公开发表。 网页链接 [给力]
TVB1983年台慶運動服裝: 网页链接 [给力]

謝謝 @潇湘翠竹2013 [good]提供的图4和分析,才可確定 R 就是這個品牌:

飛達行有限公司 旗下品牌:
RENEE - 法國活力全感受 网页链接 [给力]
洋溢法國南部浪漫風情,把經典運動服之原素,加上優質布料及剪裁,研製出一系列動感活力,及時尚高雅休閒運動服,產品特顯出其高雅而不造作,自由而又含蓄之品味。憑著多年建立優質運動服歷史,RENEE 以創新求變,永不自滿精神為座右銘,為其產品不斷提升質素及服務,藉以得到各層次顧客歡迎及支持。

今天RENEE 仍不斷探研及發展其產品相關配套及服務,除回饋顧客多年支持外,亦要全力爭取於同儕中脫穎而出,創出更驕人成績。

旧版本 网页链接 [给力]
RENEE,一 個 講 求 時 尚 設 計、質 料 上 乘 及 剪 裁 出 眾 的 時 裝 品 牌 源 自 1982 年。多 年 來 不 斷 提 升 產 品 及 服 務 質 素,廣 受 上 班 一 族 的 男 女 性 歡 迎 及 支 持。因 此,建 立 以 RENEE 為 品 牌 的 時 裝 連 鎖 店。