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Aweng's participation in" Women's New Look "during Chinese New Year ..." [赞 啊] # 怀念 翁美玲 #

Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao in February 1985:
Women's New Look In the first to third day of the lunar calendar, many guests will be invited to the show ... Weng Meiling made a guest appearance for women on the first day of the first month of February 20th, and then paid a new year to Qi Qi, and another Qi Qi Li Xiangqin appeared at the nightclub, and Avon gave her a great show

Aon wore this gray sweater to show cooking skills in the women's new pose show

(translated by Google translate)

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4473424258842801


“找到了过年期间阿翁参加《妇女新姿》的报导…” [赞啊] #懷念翁美玲#

婦女新姿 在農曆年初一至三,會邀請多位嘉賓亮相節目中…。翁美玲在2月20日正月年初一客串婦女新姿,之後向契媽拜年,另一契媽李香琴在夜總會登台,阿翁為她棒場[鲜花]



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