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Returning to TVB early in the morning on the 7th Barbara's colleagues celebrated her birthday. Since Kent did not show up and didn't eve bother to send a bouquet of flowers Barbara could n’t really get up. In the afternoon TVB told her that they wanted to film an autobiography about her. The filming should take place at her old school and her godmothers home. TVB asked her to arrange it. Barbara felt very annoyed about because she was in no mood to organize these things.
However Barbara faced reality. She had to consider that TVB mentioned that in addition to the pre-Ming Dynasty dramas that have been filmed there was a costume martial arts drama planned in which she be playing the heroine. In three days she filmed her biography for TVB including filming at her old school and her godmothers home.

This story was written by Xinghui and the authenticity of the article seems really high. .





source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4501658064993430



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