19831022 03

Shooting  of the decisive battle of Xuanwu Gate on October 22, 1983. Weng Meiling makes up in Jiancheng dressing room and changes her modern hair style to ancient hair style. B has a group photo with Miao Qiaowei, huitianci, jingdaiyin and others. C. during the day, she filmed street scenes with Felix Wong  D. in the afternoon, TVB took a group of beautiful pictures. Weng Meilling and Felix Wong take part in the indoor factory scene, and cherish the food for Jiang Feng... 83.10.22 on the day of the decisive battle to worship God, street scenes were mainly shot. Weng Meiling's Pearl curtain photo for "popular TV" was taken in the evening in a brothel next to Jiancheng Haotian gate, . During the day, the brothel is a restaurant (flower and bird curtain, lantern). At night it was changed in a brothel (white bead curtain, changed the lantern)

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