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Charity Exhibition of Weng Meiling's Last Works
Hosted by the London Republican Association
Anita Mui subscribes to paintings to help education fund

"The Charity Exhibition of Weng Meiling's Posthumous Works" organized by the Preparatory Committee of the Chinese Education Fund of the London Republican Association will be held in London from the 26th Ocotber to the 4th of November. Except for the necessary expenses, all the income from this exhibition goes to the school building and education fund.

The main works of this exhibition are all donated and loaned by Weng’s mother Zhang Mingru and Weng’s uncle Chen Jing, including more than 100 paintings of Weng Meiling’s life, hand-made crafts, life photos, various film and television awards and souvenirs, and some Relics and paintings by Chen Jing etc.

Weng’s mother wrote an article in the special edition of Weng Meiling’s painting exhibition, edited and printed by the European Airlines edition of this newspaper, to commemorate her beloved daughter. She told about various things since the incident and clarified some external rumors, referring to the news that Weng Meiling was not hers.

The Republican Association will hold the official opening ceremony of the exhibition at 1 pm on the 27th (Sunday). The famous singer Anita Mui who had just performed in London also immediately subscribed for a painting by Weng Meiling. She said, "Me and Weng Meiling were good friends, and this exhibition is to raise funds for overseas Chinese education. Of course we should support La!"

On the other hand, the European Airlines edition of this newspaper also publishes the "Special Collection of Weng Meiling's Posthumous Charity Exhibition". There are three editions, including an article by Weng's mother who missed Weng Meiling, a collection of Weng Meiling's letters, and Weng Meiling in the eyes of relatives and friends.


Sponsored by the London Republic Chinese Education Fund Raising Committee. At the same time exhibiting Uncle Weng Chen Jing
 Art Exhibition In Loving Memory Of Atrist Barbara Yung
 For Chinexe EDUCATION Trust
 Yung's Portraits By Her Uncle Mr. Roderic Chan
 Date: October 26 to November 4, 1985
 Location: 44 Chinatown, London 3. four. Fifth floor


For her uncles paintings of Barbara see: Barbara's portraits painted by her uncle


1985年10月25日 @香港文匯報 報導:








 Art Exhibition In Loving Memory Of Atrist Barbara Yung
 For Chinexe EDUCATION Trust
 Yung's Portraits By Her Uncle Mr. Roderic Chan

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1985 Happy Wireless Magazine:

Exhibition of Weng Meiling's Posthumous Works
Movie fans see things hurt

In the cultural activities in London’s Chinatown in early November, the "Weng Meiling Charity Work Exhibition" on display attracted a large number of Chinese and foreigners. Many foreigners who did not know Weng Meiling praised her talents. After hearing about Aweng’s deeds , Shook his head and sighed for her suicide.

Weng Meiling loved art during her lifetime and left over 140 works of sketching, design, textile, pottery and photography, all of which were donated and loaned by Weng’s mother. The fund raised for this charity exhibition will go to the "Weng Meiling Education Fund." Donate to the Chinese school in name to encourage the youngsters who want to learn.

"The sudden loss of 囡囡 (Weng Mei's nickname) was a painful blow to me." During the exhibition, Mother Weng endured the grief of losing her beloved daughter and cheered up to do this meaningful thing for A Weng. : "It's time for the rumors to come to an end a while ago. I think the most gratifying thing for my daughter is to do more for this world."

During the exhibition, Anita Mui, who was singing in the UK, immediately bid and ordered a piece of Aweng's work: "Aweng is a good friend of mine. I absolutely must support this kind of charity event." Anita Mui met him at the venue. Weng’s portrait is a bit sad, and the purchase of the painting and fundraising can be regarded as her dedication to her friends.

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1985年 歡樂無線 雜誌:

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