On February 22nd 1983 Barbara wore a red wool coat at the TVB headquarters to keep warm after the shooting of two water scenes for the the TV-serie "The Legend..". She went to Saigon to shoot a falling in water scene that day. Because of the cold weather Barbara's face was blue and caught with a cold. It is speculated that Barbara jumped into the water and shouted more than a dozen times "Brother Jing" in the 32nd episode of "The legend". At that time Barbara had just permed her hair very curly. In addition, the newspaper reported that the story of the little beggar fighting Sha Tongtian in the water needed to be filmed again. It is speculated that the scene of the little beggar fighting Sha Tongtian in the water was also filmed on the day of the 22nd of Februari. Because the 32nd episode of Huang Rong falling into the water it was not necessary to shoot at that moment as it was originally planned in March. It is reasonable to believe that they filmed the two water scenes together.



source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4535792980205903



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