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From March 12th to 18th, 1984, Aweng performed at the Lishi Opera House in Singapore.
Reported by Singapore's "Shin Min Daily" on March 13, 1984

Reporter: Lin Lihua


The impression Weng Meiling gave me was that there was always an unconcealable pride that came out of her eyes. She brought this fierce look to the stage and turned it into a stream of confidence, with sharp teeth, although she was small, no one dared to take her lightly.

She appeared on the stage with the song "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" with ancient costumes, as if she wrote an article about "problem solving" and clearly told everyone: I am "Pretty Huang Rong".

 After singing "Thirteen Sisters", while Weng Meiling was changing clothes, a set of slides was played on the right side of the screen on the stage. Weng Meiling previewed the recorded narration and gave it to her to show her tongue. As for her skinny, I think, many times it is just for the "needs of the plot." In fact, she is mature and shrewd.

The audience praised and sighed at her dialogue (in English) and sighed (in Chinese), and they loved her (a pretty person) and hated her (the tone was fair, but the skill was insufficient), and the applause was very enthusiastic.

She sang "Thousands of Waters and Thousands of Mountains are Always Love" and re-appeared, wearing the costumes of the early Republic of China, student head, and the whole "Little Wang Mingquan". Before singing "Brave Chinese", I made a song "Don't pick wild flowers on the roadside" like a sandwich. The whole "three-section stick style" performance has passed since then.

 She changed clothes again, "Li Shi" seized the opportunity to launch a "laser show" of housekeeping skills, and carried out a military performance. It's a pity that for the audience who has watched it many times, there is nothing to see, ah, let's rest your eyes.

Weng Meiling appeared on the stage for the third time, with her hair pulled back on both sides, a royal blue tight-fitting dance dress, and a peacock feather pattern jumpsuit, youthful and bright. Sing a simple English song and step on beautiful dance steps-she is very learned to sing and looks alike, and she will cover it up without the ending sound.

 It was the last song "Platinum Elevator" that dances and lights became lively. The curtain slowly fell, and the little fans gathered around the stage stretched out their hands and asked for a shake-a happy ending.​​​

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