1984 06 sister mag

At the end of June 1984 Weng Meiling and Kent returned to Hong Kong from Britain.  Weng Meiling was invited to take the cover photo of Sisters pictorialmagazine (Liang Haiping was taking photos at the studio). At that time Kent accompanied her with a silver Porsche which he just had bought. When Weng Meiling took the cover photo (at least two shapes of a white short sleeve cross stripe vest and Japanese cartoon pattern clothes) photos were taken on the street with Kent in a white shirt and black trousers. Afterwards Weng Meiling and a Kent drove together in the Porsche to the Marine Cove yacht club for more pictures. The pictures were taken by Zhang Zhenguo, there are no pictures of them together, but there is a big gray fendi bag used by a Weng Meiling beside Kent in black shorts.)... In the 253 issue of Sisters pictorial by Zhong Chuhong, there is an article with black-and-white picture reporting that "Weng Meiling bought six ties for Kent" (two black-and-white photos are the photos of Weng Meiling on the stage in Singapore in March, 84).... Issue 254 is the cover of a Weng Meiling in white... On the cover of issue 255, there are pink a Weng Meiling driving a Porsche at the Marine Cove yacht club and Kent in black shorts on the beach. In issue 257, there is a single photo of Kent in white shirt and black trousers.. It is speculated that they were all taken on the same day, and the photos and visits were distributed to four or more issues... At that time the newspapers or magazines did not mention that Kent had been to England with Weng Meilling. It was taboo at that time.

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Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4559681407690519