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1982 12 23 xmas party05Huaqiao daily, Monday, December 27, 1982

Hilltop country club held a candle light dinner party

Zhi Yingzhang, chairman of Hilltop country club, arranged a candle light dinner party with delicious wine and delicious food for its members on Christmas Eve. The music was played by the Philippine band. In the evening, century stars and wireless artists Luo Peizhi, Tang Zhenye, Weng Meiling, Wang Qing, Xia Shuling, Tang Zhenzong and the Roman couple supervised by Bluebird company were invited to join the party. It was hosted by Huang Jialiang, the manager of the association, and Tan Zhongxia.

At the enthusiastic request of the guests and guests, Luo Peizhi and Tang Zhenye sang a song, and Weng Meiling and Xia Shuling sang "old dreams need not be remembered", which won the applause of the audience. When the dance music began, Tang Zhenye and Weng Meiling took the lead in disco dance, and the atmosphere was very happy. It is reported that Hilltop country club will hold a dinner party on New Year's Eve and invite movie stars and artists to come to sing.

Photo: Zhi Yingzhang, the chairman of Hilltop country club, and his son have a group photo with Tang Zhenye and Weng Meiling.


source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4577106379414815

華僑日報 1982-12-27 星期一






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