1982 07 12a

Weng Meiling attended the press conference of TVB emerald TV program "ice on Saturday" in 1982. The venue is in the hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. Outside the window is Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront garden.

Hong Kong business daily 1982-07-12

  • Ten thousand yuan and one million yuan for swimming competition
  • Zhao Shizeng narrowly beat Shen Jinling
  • Huang Xingxiu calls for wealth

 Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao 1982-07-12

@Ta Kung Pao - Da Gong Wang

  •  Hong Kong sister Zhao Shizeng swimming competition
  • One million yuan for one hundred thousand yuan
  • Zhao Sheng and Shen Jinling show their male prestige

A few days ago there was an unknown swimming competition between Zhao Shizeng and Shen Jinling. The sisters of Hong Kong bought Shen Jinling and Zhao Shizeng's one million yuan with 100000 yuan, but they won the money and tooth contest for the rich.

Zhao Shizeng and a group of "Hong Kong sisters", including Shen Jinling, Kou Hongping and Weng Meiling were on a boat cruise. When Zhao Shizeng learned that Shen Jinling was a good swimmer he challenged her. A group of "Hong Kong sisters" on the scene supported Shen Jinling and made a joint venture of 100000 yuan to bet on Shen Jinling. Zhao Shizeng was willing to bet one million yuan on Shen Jinling. If he lost, he would lose One million yuan.

Zhao Shizeng knew that Shen Jinling was not a weak person and refused to give up his position. As a result Zhao Shizeng won and won 100000 yuan.

Shen Jinling didn't feel unhappy because of this. She felt that she was a woman and her strength was far away from that of a man. Although she was defeated this time she was still proud.


 source: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4588655580547050



香港 工商日報 1982-07-12


香港 大公報 1982-07-12







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