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1983 08 20a

City Weekly, August 20, 1983

yung Mei Ling's former boyfriend makes a choice

The news of Shen Jinling's wedding suprised her

by Li chunen


I heard a rumor that Shen Jinling's fiance turned out to be Yung Mei Ling's ex boyfriend.

It is said that at that time, Yung Mei Ling was deeply in love with this gentleman. Later, somehow, she broke up Shen Jinling followed her.


One by one

In the entertainment industry, this kind of "Legend of the world" emerges one after another. It's not surprising that unmarried men get a lot of attention.

However, since Tan JinFang made public the love letter from Kou Hongping's boyfriend. People seem to pay more attention to this kind of relationship.


But I feel a little puzzled. I know Yung Mei Ling very well. As for her temper, I know that she is a straight person. I have to spit out what I have to say. However, I have never heard her mention this relationship.

Of course, no matter how straightforward people are, they will have hidden feelings that they don't want to say. If you want to know what's going on, you have to find Yung Mei Ling to prove it.

"I know Shen Jinling's fiance! "She replied with wide eyes.

However, when I asked her for confirmation of the rumor, she yelled again:

"It's been a long time. Why did anyone mention it!"

This sentence confused me

 "So long? That's to say, you've actually worked with him"

 "No No No," she shook her head. "Don't get me wrong. I just said I've known her fiance for a long time"

 Then she told me all about it.


It turned out that she and Shen Jinling were good friends when they were running for Hong Kong peagant. They often gathered a group of friends to play cards together. It was at this time that she first met Shen Jinling's fiance. Of course, she could not call him that at that time, because Shen Jinling knew this gentleman at the same time.

Later, they did "women's today" together, so they had more opportunities to get in touch with each other. A group of friends often got together to have fun, including Shen Jinling's fiance.

Since they are friends and often stay together, we are very familiar with each other. Until Yung Mei Ling was transferred to the drama group, the chance to meet Shen Jinling was gradually reduced.

"That's it!"

 "But now it's said that Shen Jinling robbed your boyfriend."

 "It's a joke. I'll tell you, if it's my boyfriend, no one can take him away, except.." She said it with confidence, and stopped.

 "Except what?"

 She didn't answer. She just made a statement that she didn't care at all. The meaning is very clear. In this world, there is no possibility that Yung Mei Ling is going to be abandoned by her boyfriend!


The news of Shen Jinling's marriage came out of the blue (because they haven't been in touch recently, and they don't know much about each other's recent situation.) At the same time, she is also happy for Shen Jinling

"Really, I like to see friends as brides, because girls are the most beautiful at that moment."

 "Will you go for a wedding?"

"I think so, but it's a pity that Shen doesn't make a big party when she gets married, because I like to enjoy the atmosphere of wedding banquet most."

 "How do you feel when your good friends marry?"

 "I tell you, I just like to see people marry. As for myself, I never think about it."

 In fact, she and Tang Zhenye have been holding hands for some time. Although there is no "open love" yet, people with a clear eye can see what is going on.


Last Sunday, our group went to Macau together. She and Tang Zhenye also went there. Wherever they go, there would be reporters taking photos, and the two of them had no scruples to show up.

In the evening, we had a Portuguese meal together at the puppet restaurant in taizai. Weng Meiling got into trouble because the people in the restaurant Zhouyuan recognized that Huang Rong had come to have a Portuguese meal. They immediately swarmed around her and surrounded her. After we had finished our meal, she continued to pick up the paper and sign her name. Tang Zhenye, who was sitting next to her, couldn't eat either. He became a temporary receptionist to help "Rong Rong" I'll do the sending and receiving work.

After dinner, she was still surrounded by a large number of fans. Tang Zhenye had to drag Weng Meiling to the "sudden group" until he drove away, and everyone was relieved.

Seeing Tang Zhenye cared for her, I asked Weng Meiling how she felt. She laughed contentedly

 "Ah Tsai (her nickname for Tang Zhenye) is very nice. Although he is very masculine, he really loves me. He always thinks of me first."

 "Have you ever thought of marrying him?"

She shook her head and said that she had not considered this for the time being. Maybe she is still young. She tried to fight for more opportunities in her career.

"My appearance is not in line with my heart. In fact, I've always been very pessimistic. I'm usually very happy to see my friends get married. But when it's my turn, I always have a feeling that I will never get married."

She gave me a fright. I didn't expect that Yung Mei Ling, a frivolous and lively girl, was so melancholy in her inner world. However, this feeling flashed by. Looking left and right, looking horizontally and vertically, she didn't look like a girl who couldn't get married.


One thing is for sure, that is, if she marries Tang Zhenye now, their careers will be affected more or less, especially for  the fans.

This is also the difficulty of being an artist.

 Of course, there are exceptions. For example, Fu Yujing and Shen Jinling, they all have no scruples about it. They say that they can get married. After all, most girls think that finding a good home is better than struggling on the professional line.

 Finally, when Yung Mei Ling knew that I was going to write this article, she was not happy because she was very unhappy with the rumor. First, she was afraid that it would affect Shen Jinling's happiness, and second, she was afraid that Tang Zhenye would take it wrongly.

 My explanation is that since it has been rumored and the circle is so narrow, it's better to make the whole story clear rather than be talked about, such as an injection of an vaccin.

 "Yeah? Why not?"


source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4582536175690398


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