1984 Entertainment Tonight. Vitality Stars won the championship in the Olympic year.  A fitness game program, broadcasted on television as Enjoy Yourself Tonight, different artists participated. There were three teams: Entertainment, singers and the entertainers team squad.

Singer Team: Mei Yanfang Lu Yunna Mai Jiewen Li Longji Xiaohu Team (Hu Yukang Lin Li Sun Mingguang)
Artists Team: Weng Meiling Chen Minyi Liu Dehua Tang Zhenye Lin Jiahua Huang Rihua
Joy of the Future Team: Lin Jianming, Liang Yunrui, Liao Anli, Lu Haipeng, Jia Sile, Luo Haowei, et al.

1984年TVB完整版播出现场综艺节目新年快乐的活力明星。 与尹美玲的艺术家团队赢得冠军 (translated by google translate)

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/u/1747284320

1983 sportevent yellow tracksuit


This video shows the whole program (51 minutes)



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