Weng Meiling and Zhang Guorong visited candidates for the second season of the top ten song award in 1983. It is speculated that it was shot on July 26 and 27, 1983, because there was news that Liang Zhaowei presided over Jinqu. Liang Chaowei's blue and white T-shirt and a Weng's were the same. In addition, Liang's right waist had a walkman. There is another evidence of "yesterday" - that is, on July 28th, Chen Jieling mentioned that she had filmed the Golden Songs... A Weng and Cai Fenghua visited Lin Zhimei to shoot at the top of the mountain... The program was broadcast on jade channel on the evening of the 30th.

翁美玲阿翁访问张国荣是主持《1983十大劲歌金曲第二季》据推测,拍摄于1983.7.26,27日这两天,因为27号有梁朝伟主持劲歌金曲的新闻,梁朝伟蓝白T恤和阿翁那次很像是同一件,加上梁朝伟右腰都有个随身听。还有一个佐证 “昨日”——也就是7.28日陈洁灵提到她拍摄过劲歌金曲的。。。阿翁蔡枫华访问林志美是在山顶拍摄。。。节目在30号晚上翡翠台播出。

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4545885663141466


This series of videos came from one single TV programme in which Barbara was one of MCs. The programme announced the results of the songs awarded with Top Ten Pop Cantonese Songs in the First Season of 1983 Jade Solid Gold (JSG). At that time, TVB had two Channels, Jade and Pearl. The former broadcated Cantonese programmes and the latter broadcasted English ones. Barbara, Ken Choi , Tony Leung and the actress ' were the MCs. In the videos, Barbara and other MCs visited the singers to bring the good news that their songs had been selected into the Top Ten and interviewed them of how they felt. In the sixth video, Barbara explained the mechanism of how the Top Ten Songs were selected.

Barbara and Tony Leung and Ken Choi

Barbara and Ken Choi

This video can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxJQ0h8ChGE

Barbara and Ken Choi and ?

This video can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE1w1a-LouQ

Barbara and ' (the actress who painted the road)

Barbara and Leslie Tong explaining the mechanisms of how the Top Ten Pop Cantonese Songs were selected.





# BARBARA AmbtionsChristina L. 2010-10-17 23:20
Deep down, Barbara is a good and loyal girl-caring for boyfriend (like willing to watch movies with him even though she is not interested etc), caring for mom - never neglect her daughter duties.
She seem to look for love and build a life with a life partner. Unfortunately first time, second time also did not work out. She respect her mom but they don't seem to have a close friendship where she can share her thoughts/joy with her mom. This is hard for a young girl. Both Barbara & Rob care deeply for each other. It is hard when the girl's family doesn't support the relationship. Barbara tried very hard but fate just did not go her way. Too bad that she did not get professional help before the tragedy happened. Well, at least, Rob gave her a few years of happiness in England.
# RE: What were Barbara's ambitions?Barfan 2010-10-18 15:55
My 2 cents... maybe Barbara didn't care that much about the nature of the job, but just regarded it as a generic opportunity, one that will lead to successes, be it money or fame.
Well, another, even wilder, guess is, IMO every girl as pretty as Barbara would like to be adored, at least in their subconsciousness, even though they may not say so :P
# A Simple Dreamunknown 2010-10-18 16:05
this is a simple dream for most of the girls...but it is never simple for boys/men.
# RE: What were Barbara's ambitions?Hannah 2010-10-19 01:42
Wow, this was a very interesting read. Very fascinating and really makes one think about "life". The things you want, and the things you end up with. For a topic that may seem general to many, its pretty deep.
# RE: What were Barbara's ambitions?Elaine W 2010-10-19 08:14
Rob's sentence: "Barbara wanted a happy family life (A nice job, a husband, a couple of kids, a few animals. Just a stable and secure life. It was because this ambition we finally broke up, at that time I wasn't ready for this type of life."
Question for Rob:
a) What kind of life that u want at that time? b) Is it because you were not ready to tie the knot at that time(ie. get married) but Barbara insist on it?
# RE: RE: What were Barbara's ambitions?Rob 2010-10-19 12:12
The stories to come will explain this. I can tell that the situation was much more complex than described in the one sentence above.
# RE: What were Barbara's ambitions?Lucy 2010-10-23 08:31
Sometimes when a person is hurt or disappointed in one situation, they may go to the other extreme and do something that's opposite of what they would normally do. My guess is Barbara wanted to start a new life somewhere else at that time. It could be because she felt she wasn't going to have a stable family life at that moment, so maybe she wanted to try a new life somewhere else. My guess is Barbara went back to HK and competed in the Miss Hong Kong Pageant because that was a way out to get a new life for her that she could thought of at that time. If she were to leave England and start a new life, then she had to find an opportunity somewhere. Since she had won the Miss London Pageant before, then competing in a similar pageant maybe a way out for her. From what Rob shared, she seemed a very courageous girl, so maybe that's why she used that as a way to "make a change".
# RE: What were Barbara's ambitions?Lucy 2010-10-23 08:33
As for all the rest that happened in Hong Kong, I think she was just going with the flow of opportunities presented to her at that time. So, maybe even though all that she did seemed contradictory to her ambition at that time, she was just trying to live a new, different life? Just my own guess. I could be totally wrong because only Barbara could answer such a question and Rob is the one who knows her the best.
# RE: What were Barbara's ambitions?Anonymous 2010-10-23 20:55
I think Barbara wanted to try something new. She worked very hard in England.
When she had Rob, nothing else really matters.
>>>> But when her love relationship did not work out, why not try something new? Joining Hongkong TV pageant brings in unlimited opportunities & becoming an TV artiste brings more income for her & her family. She is a courageous girl. She can even run her family business while going to college. Learning to act doesn't seem hard for her!!!
>>> The other thing that is puzzling is that, after one relationship that did not work out, why did she jump into another with someone like "Kent Tong"?
# RE: What were Barbara's ambitions?Jasmine T. 2010-10-24 06:15
This is just my personal opinion-may not be 100% accurate. Dating seriously too soon (ie. at a very young age like 16 to 19) may have a unstable outcome because at this age range, one is still trying to "find/understand themselves". Barbara mature too fast because her father passed away and she had to shoulder a lot of opportunities. Since she is "NOT really close to her mom", she may look for boy/girl love relationship instead to fill the gap. It is very hard for Rob - a "boy of 18/19 or so" to talk about "a nice job, a husband, a couple of kids, a few animals". Young girls who want to marry & settle down soon should date men perhaps a few years her senior because girls (in general) mature faster than men.