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At each concert Weng Meiling would change into three costumes, usually ancient costume, Minzu costume and modern costume, and would also sing a Mandarin song. Weng Meiling's costume for the old fashioned performance was the costume of Jiang Liping from "The Heavenly Master Reigns".

Background:On 6 April 1985, the "100,000 Hours Celebration" was held at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, and on that night,Weng Meiling twisted her left hand in a somersault. On 7 April 1985, she left Hong Kong at noon on a flight to Singapore to perform on stage and was seen off by Kent Tong, who was also injured and had to see a doctor. On 8th April, she appeared at the Deluxe Opera House, before the 7th it was Wu Cui An who appeared on stage, Weng Meiling supported Wu at the Deluxe. From 8 April till 14 April,Weng Meiling was on stage. She performed for seven days and stayed in Singapore for another three days.Weng Meiling took the girl with her who was doing her make-up and combing her hair. She returned to Hong Kong on 17 april to attend the press conference for the Celebrity Charity Competition. During this period [time doubtful] Weng Meiling wrote a final letter to her mother in which she was told by a fortune-teller that she would not be able to marry until she was "thirty-one. She also asks about her uncle's second child, saying that her eldest son is still her "most beloved son".

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