1985 hazeline snow ad

This is an advertisement for the Chinese face lotion.  Barbara says that every women loves being beautiful... and that she uses this lotion to protect her face from drying out especially during filming. 


# RE: Did Barbara go to the University of Cambridge?Hannah 2010-10-19 01:40
A lot of times, because of the language barrier, Asian would just simply it because it was easier for the general public to understand that she went to Cambridge University because she lived near Cambridge. Most of them didnt know the difference unfortunately. I dont think it was intentional. It happens often in English/Asian communication. Plus its easier for them to say Cambridge University than Cambridge College of Art and Technology. :-)
# RE: Did Barbara go to the University of Cambridge?Barfan 2010-10-21 03:46
I'm most certainly not among those who will get disappointed by this 'news' :lol: