Photoshoot of with costums Legend of the Condor Heroes part 1. After this photoshoot the director decided to change Barbara's hairstyle. Therefore Barbara didn'never  appeared in the serie with the hairstyle shown in these pictures.


# RE: Rob, why did you give up so easily?Ling 2011-04-21 03:04
If Barbara was so determined to regain control over her life, then it's very disturbing to think she would a few years later choose to end her life. What is your insight on her ultimate demise in HK? Was it preventable? It's hard comprehend how a young lady that seem to have a level head relating to her love life can do that her herself and leave her mom behind.
# Rob, why did u give up so easily?Jane 2011-04-21 04:01
Barbara has incredible pressures from her mom & family. Knowing that her daughter already committed twice, her mom would still continue to argue with Barbara. This girl has taken a lot throughout the years trying to maintain a "double life". It is taking a toll on her. Her childhood & life experiences gives her emotional unstableness. She would have made a difficult "spouse" because of her "emotional baggage" & complicated family background(unrelenting mom).
# RE: Rob, why did you give up so easily?Mei Ling Fan 2011-04-21 15:45
There is always 2 sides to the story. We don't know what Barbara mom has been through. To react so nuroticly on Barbara's romance does gives all of us including Barbara herself the impression that her mom is a control freak.

Barbara did have uneventful incidents that leads her to be on mood swings. Tired and fed up of this life she needs a break. If Rob would have hang on to this relationship none of us will know Barbara Yung? The actress who made Wong Yung character on Legend of the Condor Heroes 1983 SO ICONIC till todate.

Beyond the smiling face of this pretty lady lies a painful story. Though she may be gone but her legacy lives on.
# Rob, why give up so easily?Jane 2011-04-21 16:55
This love story teach us a lesson as parents NOT to be overly-controlling towards our daughters. As parents, we need to build a "open communication" relationship with our children so that they can share their ups & downs with us.
This will prevent driving them "over the edge". Chinese parents have high expectations from their kids but bear in mind that children need to make personal choices & need their breathing space as well.
Extreme pressures in lives can break a person. Eg. Princess Diana also tried to commit suicide a few times because she had no one to turn to in the confined /stuffy palace!
# RE: Rob, why did you give up so easily?Sindy 2011-04-29 02:31
agree that Barbara's childchood and life experiences gave her emotional unstableness (poor Barbara!), hence she was longing for a stable relationship/partner who could love her whole-heartedly and stay with her all the time. really sad to read the story. she might not really want to break up with Rob but just waiting for Rob to say that "I'll stay with you forever", but her character prevented her to say this out! I also believe she didn't mean to commit suicide but just to threaten Ken Tong to love/focus on her more, just like what she did in the UK in order to draw Rob's attention. Her character had made her life difficult and led to this tragedy. Poor Barbara ...
# Rob, why did you give up so easily?Love meiling Best 2011-05-01 08:10
Barara Yung's brithday is coming,have you prepared a gift for her?
How are you going to miss her?
# RE: Rob, why did you give up so easily?Harmony 2011-05-03 17:02
hi guys!
i think it is weird that some of you, like the reader, Love meiling best, asked Rob if he still misses Barbara, since her birthday is coming soon. do not forget that Rob is now a taken man, not a singel and free man. we must keep some respect for his nowadays partner, eventhough we like Barbara. :-)
Rob, thanks for sharing your experiences of Barbara with us. thanks to you, i now get a better picture of how and who she was. she was a great actress and i love her. :-)
keep doing the good work! i keep coming back now and then to check for the updates. 8)
# RE: RE: Rob, why did you give up so easily?pekon 2011-06-17 20:43
I agree with you 'Harmony', we as fans should not forget "Rob"'s privacy,
and also should not ask or post any such comment which might hurt him or his current family.

he has already done much in bringing back our barbara back to us :)
# 0 # RE: Rob, why did you give up so easily?Jane 2011-05-03 20:07
Hi Some Readers,
Rob is a normal & family man -with a life partner and 3 children. BARBARA is dead & just a past memomry.
>> Please do not ask Rob to prepare gifts for Barbara's birthday.
>> We need to respect Rob & his family.
# Rob, why did you give up so easily?Love meiling Best 2011-05-04 03:58
It is sure that I respect Rob & his family. I admit the question that I asked I have crossed the line .I also know that Rob is a normal & family man.I read all of the stories above.I'm sure that Rob miss Barbara. Mybe Rob have prepared a gift. It is not convenient to let us know.I come here several times every day.I’m waiting for an another story because I want to know more about Barbara Yung.If I have some problem I welcome Barbara Yung’s fans to point out.Thankyou! :lol: My English is not very well,I can just use simple English.
# Mrpekon 2011-06-17 19:42
Hi Rob,
I too 'm a fan of barbara (from india), especially for cute-sweet image she has created in LOCH-1983 TV series.

However, if anyone takes such drastic step of end-own's life, i consider the person himself/herself is at fault. Death is always more easy then fighting the pain of life.

I just wish, if barbara gets to read this from heaven, if only she can be back. She wont find herself alone, there would be lot of her fans waiting for her :)
May god bless her.. and next time give her strength to fight her own life.
# if barbara could be back..pekon 2011-06-17 19:57
if barbara gets to read this from heaven, if only she can be back. She wont find herself alone, there would be lot of her fans waiting for her :)
# Hi Robnilson chiong uy 2011-06-26 04:03
Hi Rob,

Thanks for sharing us your past with Ms. Barbara Yung. This will help our young girls and parents a lot. This will open ways for parents and daughters to truly love each other and respect one another. The Chinese culture has made a lot of daughters life misery. Thanks really Rob for sharing to us Ms. Barbara Yungs life prior to her joining HK showbiz. HK showbiz has so much to offer but has a great price too. Sometimes it involves ones life. May the life of Ms. Barbara Yung be a great lesson to us, especially Chinese parents.

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