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This miniconcert held in the Grand Opera House "豪華歌劇院" was held every day from 8th till the 14 of april 1985 in Singapore.

The songs chosen by Weng Meiling for the evening were
1: The Legend of the Bat by Chu Liu Xiang (Laughing on the River and Mountains)
2: "The Battle of Xuanwu Gate", "How Many Times I've Sorrowed in My Dreams
3: "Who Can Change" by The Heavenly Master
4: Theme Song of Iron Blood
5: Dreaming of a Yellow Cab
6: Flowing Against the Current
7: Love Is More Than Rain
8: In the Rain
9: Love Trap

1: 楚留香之蝙蝠传奇《笑踏河山》
2: 决战玄武门《梦裏几番哀》
3: 天师执位《谁可改变》
4: 铁血丹心主题曲
5: 梦想黄包车
6: 顺流逆流
7: 情比雨丝
8: 在雨中
9: 爱情陷阱

Below an account of Imela who witnessed this concert.

at the beginning of the show, Weng Meiling entered from the audience and sang the Bat Saga theme song "Laughing on the Mountain".

After each song, she would share with the audience her experiences and feelings about the film. Imela couldn't remember exactly what Weng Meiling said, but she remembered Weng Meiling telling them amusingly that because Michael Miu was so tall, she had to tilt her head almost 90 degrees to see him, and similarly, when she called Michael Miu, he had to lower his head 90 degrees to see her. She changed into her pink outfit, Weng Meiling sang a few of her favourite songs .

Weng Meiling also said that she and Kent Tong were still in a stable relationship, presumably to reassure fans that they were in fact facing a break-up (which was only reported later after Weng Meiling's death). During the song "Downstream and Against the Current", Weng Meiling said that she had a lot of happiness in filming, and this song might not be very good, but it was her heartfelt message, and Weng Meiling also reminded her fans to be strong when things are not going well. It doesn't matter, as long as you work hard and have perseverance, you will succeed one day. I am here to wish you all happiness and joy forever." At the end, Weng Meiling changed into the red dress and told the audience that she actually looked pretty in her fashion. She then joined the MC in singing the only Mandarin song of the night, "In the Rain", and closed the show with "Love Trap", saying goodbye to the audience and hoping to see everyone again...


每唱完一首歌,她都会和台下的观众分享她拍那部戏的经历和感受。由於事隔多年,Imela 也无法记得很清楚阿翁说了什麼,但她记得阿翁很逗趣的和他们说,因为阿苗高她很多,所以阿翁都要仰头差不多90度才能看得到他,而同样的,她叫阿苗时,他也就得低下头90度来看她。换上那身粉红的服装时,阿翁唱了几首她喜欢的歌<梦想黄包车><顺流逆流 ><情比雨丝>。

阿翁也说了她和阿汤感情还是很稳定,应该是安慰影迷的话,事实上他俩已要面临分手(日后阿翁离世后报道才知道)。 在唱到<<顺流逆流>>时,阿翁说拍戏会有很多开心的事,而这首她也许唱的不是很好听,可却是她的心声,阿翁还不忘提醒影迷在遇到不如意时,要坚强面对。翁语:「在人生裏面,有可能会遇到一些不开心,失意,或者失望的事,不要紧,只要你努力,有恒心,终会有一天会成功的。我在这裏祝大家永远都幸福,快乐。。」最后阿翁换上那套红裙子, 还和观众说其实她时装打扮也很漂亮的。。。接著就和主持人一起合唱了当晚唯一一首国语歌<在雨中>,最后以<爱情陷阱>闭幕,和观众道别时,阿翁还说希望有机会再见到大家...

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