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1983 Yung Meiling is a guest star in Shaw's film Crazy 83. She plays a police detective who plays a nurse undercover to investigate a case.... When the film was released, the actors and actresses were promoting the movie on the #TVB variety show "Happy Tonight". The cast of Crazy 83 - Lee Seng Cheong, Lee I, Lee Ka Ting, Yung Meiling, Leung Chung Fun, Leung Po Ching, Leung Pik Ling, Chan Chuen, Chan Man Yee and Wong Sun - played in a short gag show called "Crazy Talking Street".

 In this clip Yung Meiling is holding 2 apples. The lady ask Why are you eating 2 apples since you don't like it. Yung Meiling replied and said some doctors are cheeky and therefore eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

1983 clip with 2 apples

1983年 #翁美玲# [爱你]客串邵氏電影 瘋狂83 疯狂八三飾演一名警探,為查案作卧底扮演護士…。上映時,眾演員在#TVB# 綜藝節目 歡樂今宵 內宣傳新戲,演趣劇時梁仲芬問阿翁為何狂吃蘋果,阿翁説:“那個医生很好色的,俗語也有説 每日一蘋果 医生遠離我。所以我便狂吃蘋果啊…“

歡樂今宵 (黃金翡翠台版)

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