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Do you have to pass the exam to join the fan club?

Weng Meiling said it was not human trafficking


Weng Meiling recently came back from Thailand. She felt very excited by the fruits of her trip. Because of the enthusiasm of her fans, she suddenly felt that the world was full of warmth, not aware of the cold weather.

 After her return, Weng Meiling formally organized her fan club. Earlier, Weng Meiling once said that she would not organize fan meetings so quickly, mainly to avoid being told that she had accumulated money. Moreover, the reaction of the people in the circle was very sensitive. Because she was afraid of being discussed, she had repeatedly declined the good intentions of the fans.

 "Have you bowed to the reality and ignored the criticism of others? "

 "They are too enthusiastic. Although they are a little bit rebellious, sometimes they can't just pay attention to other people's criticisms and ignore some people who like them. However, wireless also helps themselves to handle this matter. Let's join in the fun! "

"I heard that you had to pass the examination before you were allowed to join the club. It's beautiful to look at her black eyes.

 "It's not a test, it's just that they are too young to handle a lot of things. Moreover, the current social atmosphere is not good, for the sake of safety, we only have an interview, and only those who think they are qualified will be allowed to join the fan club. "

 "Is there any stipulation on what conditions are required for membership? "

 "Don't think that I love trafficking in human beings. The conditions are very simple. As long as the comers are willing and behave well. "She explained.

 "Do you plan to recruit more members. The problem is still inseparable from the fans' meeting.

 "It has not been decided yet, but if the number of people is too large, of course, restrictions should be made. Otherwise, it is not the cat and dog who can also participate. "

 In the past, some artists went to Southeast Asia to stage, so as not to mention their boyfriends or girlfriends, because fans who like you don't necessarily accept the people they love.

 "Have you been boycotted by fans? "

 "Before we set out, some of my predecessors had told me about this problem, but it's strange that they even took the initiative to mention the news about Yat Tong to me, and kept asking him about his personality, whether he was good to himself, and so on. So, a lot of times, I don't have to escape. "

 "Will you go with Ya Tong next time? "

 "No. "She said definitely. "Because together with Yatong, the salary must be more expensive. Many entertainment companies can't offer such a high price. Moreover, their own food is better. "

 Weng Meiling felt very lucky that she went to the stage alone for the first time and achieved such a beautiful performance. As a result, she has a sense of struggle and will work hard to thank the fans for their concern. Moreover, she hopes to participate in more theatrical performances to make her more acceptable to the audience.


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