Lee Chi wedding 




left: Ju Jue Liang, male "do not know", Ray Lui, Qi bride, Lixin Lang, Barbara Yung, Kent Tong, Ju Jue Liang, Ray Lui Ray


李祈聯婚 J 左起:鞠覺亮,男 “不知道”,呂良偉,祁 新娘,李 新郎,翁美玲,湯,杜琪峰,陳狄克 @鞠覺亮 @呂良偉Ray @翁美玲傳記發起者 @杜琪峰影話 有錯請更正或補充



# RE: 1984 october: Lee Chi weddingMelissa from Brisbane Australia 2016-10-13 12:01
Hello Rob, in the first pic - the dude standing to the right of Barbara with the tie is actually Ken Tong.
# RE: 1984 october: Lee Chi weddingRob 2016-10-13 16:36
Thank you, I change the comment