On 4 november 1984 Barbara visited the birthday party of the singer Teresa Cheung that she held for her fans at the Sheraton Hotel in Hong Kong. Anna Chow the sister of one of the fans of Teresa came along as she knew that Barbara would be at this party too. Anna wrote down her experiences and published this picture. Thanks to Chak (for finding the information) and Nelson for his translation.

At that same day Barbara also had a fan meeting day together with Michael Miu for promotion of the new TV-serie "The legend of the bat" and an auction for charity (see pictures)

1984 Teresa Cheung birthday party.jpg


My elder sister is the member of Teresa Cheung's fans club. In 1984 my sister told me that she would go to participate in Teresa Cheung's birthday party and Barbara would also be there as the distinguished guest, so I also went there with her. On that day the party would end at 6pm, but until 5pm Barbara still did not appear. I was very anxious and worried that Barbara would not come, so I went out of the corridor to wait for her. After no more than five minutes, a voice behind me asking,"sister, is it here?" I looked back and saw a sister taking off the glasses. She was Barbara! I was so happy. Barbara looked really beautiful, like the fairy. I did not even know how to describe her beauty.

Then I helped Barbara push the door to come in the room. A lot of people looked towards Barbara. I followed Barbara and took a seat behind her while she was chatting with Miss Cheung's boyfriend. I saw that Barbara's hair was quite supple. Barbara talked in a very low voice. Even if I was right next to her, I still could not hear much of what they said. I saw that Barbara was not very happy and looked annoyed.

After a while, people were about to cut the cake and take pictures. Barbara did not want to grab the limelight of Miss Cheung because Barbara is a very educated girl. Barbara always kept a low profile when joined birthday party because she was the guest and not the host. So on that day Barbara did not speak a lot of words.

I carefully looked at Barbara. In fact, she is not really tall. She owns big eyes and rabbit teeth. She looks a bit like a multiracial girl who is mixed with asian and western.

Barbara is very beautiful and slim. Later on when taking pictures with her, I saw that she did not smile that much. When she was taking photo with me, the photographer told her that I very liked watching her TV shows, then I heard that she was smiling, thus this photo was successful. I followed Barbara the whole time but she always spoke in a low voice probably because of what she said was not happy, so she did not want others to hear. She did not stay in the party for a long time after photographing. The time I spent with her was about half an hour. A lot of people asked to take photos with her, but she did not want to grab the limelight of Miss Cheung, so many people did not get the chance.


Thanks to Nelson for this translation



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Background information about Teresa Cheung

Teresa Cheung Tak-lan is a Hong Kong singer. She participated in the entertainment industry since she was a child (stage name Cheung Yuen-yuen 張圓圓).,[1] and was a member of the Four Golden Flowers. She rose to fame in Hong Kong through the 1980s on the back of a song that she sang for the TVB series The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. She also sang the main theme for the TV series The Return of the Condor Heroes (1983) and three of its subthemes.

In 1988 she married business director and arts administrator Frankie Yeung.[2] She is also a Catholic.

(source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teresa_Cheung_(singer) )