When I met Barbara I had different groups of friends. A group of Chinese. I had already a Chinese friend for some years. He was really skinny, talked English so fast that nobody could understand him and he had an enormous mouth. His favorite party act was putting a whole apple in his mouth. He introduced me to the other Chinese, all students from HK. This group was very close to each other, politically interested, willing to demonstrate and very musical. One of them played in a punk band. His band even made a record which he tried to sell in HK.

Then I had this complete different group of friends. The bikers, they were English and had a completely different lifestyle. The bikers and Chinese never mingled, they were two separate groups.

All these friends studied at the CCAT. All of them rented rooms near the CCAT. I was still living with my parents. Every time we had some free hours during school we went to someone's room, drank tea, and chatted. Often we ate together.

When Barbara came into my life she mixed easily with both groups. Obviously Barbara felt more attracted to the Chinese. The way we lived our life was a way Barbara didn't even know that existed. A very free life. No-one told us what to do. If we didn't feel like going to college, we didn't go. There was always someone where we could go to, and just have fun by chatting. We didn't drink alcohol and didn't smoke. I can still remember the times that Barbara had stomach aches and tears from laughter from the stories that were told or songs that we sang. Barbara had a very loud laugh. One time we went to visit one of our Chinese girlfriends to see her new room. We had a lot of fun and we laughed a lot. The next day the landlady told this girl that she had to leave, we made too much noise. I suspect that Barbara's laugh played a major part in this.

All our friends were students with not much money. We had no special dreams or ambitions; we just enjoyed being together and live a carefree life. Barbara was very happy with this. Everybody liked her, no-one expected things from her and there was always someone to help her.

While our way life continued the same way in the evening Barbara had to go home to help her family. Also in the weekends she was not allowed to join us.



Guestroad nr 1, about 100 yards from the CCAT, on the bottom floor Steve and Di lived, this was our meeting place for our English friends, during the day and in the evening.



当我遇上翁美玲那时我有着不同类别的朋友。一群中国人。我其实已经认识一个中国朋友很多年了。他同样也很瘦,说英语十分的快以至于没人能听懂他在说什么,同时他的嘴巴特别的大。他最喜欢的派对活动是把一整个苹果放入口中。他把我介绍给其他的中国人,他们都是从香港来的学生。这些人彼此关系都很亲近,都很喜欢政治,喜欢去证明展示自我,同时很有音乐才能。其中的一人 在一个乐队里演奏朋克音乐。






(translated by Zhi)


# RE: Different friends (1977)Guest 2012-03-10 05:55
Try to look it another way, maybe this carefree life made her couldn't live the busy life in HK.
# what is life龙行天下 2016-06-14 07:07
with the busy life in HK,may be its the best time of her memory。。。I cannot say its terrible in HK,she do the thing is what she like.Just huangrong role,I think she is herself。
# Diffferent life styleJosephine 2017-05-30 05:20
Seems Brabara came from a totally different live style from all other in her social groups: Her family was much more strict with so many rules, and so many family responsibilities (e.g. helping at the family shop) which all other seemed to led a more relaxing and carefree life.

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