1983 January 1: Sang Siu praised Yung Mei Ling

1983 January 1: Yung Mei Ling takes up acting instead of ....

1983 January 7: Kent Tong dated with Yung Mei Ling

1983 January 7: Yung Mei Ling spends new year eve and new year with her mum.

1983 January 7: Yung Mei Ling admits she hasn't got a boyfriend ....

1983 januari 17: TVB executive producer Shia San praise Yung Mei Ling.....

1983 January 18: Gold TV weekly

1983 Barbara and actress Eyvonne Lam Yi Kei 林漪娸

1983 January 21: Pak Sha Chau beach

1983 January 22: Underwater shooting has to be done again.

1983 january 22: Felix Wong talked about Yung Mei Ling

1983 January 22: Yung Mei Ling was frightened and nearly fainted..

1983 screen shots and video fragments of The Legend of the Unknowns (十三妹)

1983 January 27: Yung Mei Ling’s role in “The Legend of the Unknowns”.

1983 January 27: The second part of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” is being filmed...

1983 January 27: TVB is producing the 2nd part of Legend....

1983 January: Magazine Ming Pao





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