1983 July 4 - 9: Histon England, back home

1983 July 4 -7: wedding uncle

1983 July 6: A charity event will be held in september,....

1983 July 7: Yung Mei Ling has dual characters

1983 July: Photo shoot with Kent at seaside, magazine unknown

1983 July 11: Yung Mei Ling either laughs or cries....

1983 July: Photo shoot with Kent

1983 July: Photo shoot by Liang Haiping

1983 July 13: Yung Mei Ling does not like films about war

1983 July 14: Barbara Yung goes to Europe for performance

1983 July 16: Yung Mei Ling visiting wedding of Yu Jing

1983 July 16: Barbara and writer Jin Jong

1983 July 17: magazin article Ming Pao

1983 July 17: Kent Tong and Yung Mei Ling were busy

1983 July 18: Yung Mei Ling said her acting is better in part II

1983 July 20: Barbara Yung's photoshoot as Wong Yung

1983 July 23: "Summer Party" held by Radio Television Hong Kong

1983 July 24: Yung Mei Ling liked acting in fashion show

1983 July 24: Yung Mei Ling’s first time to be a DJ

1983 July 26 and 27: visiting candidates for the Gold disc award.

1983 July 27:Kent Tong and Yung Mei Ling showing up together prove that their relationship is going public

1983 July 30: The Gold disc award







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