1983 video bloopers Barbara and Michael Miu

1983 June: photo shoot godmothers apartment

1983 June 7: Felix Wong casting as Kwok Jing is not up to expectations

1983 June 9: Yung Mei Ling goes on stage for very first time....

1983 June: interview 'Currently busy with a trip to Europe (目前為登台遊埠而忙)

1983 June 13: Felix Wong and Barbara Yung center of attention

1983 June TV interview by actress Si MaYin

1983 June: Photo shoot Penghu Residence Yacht Club

1983 Barbara and Robert Hung (洪羅拔)

1983 June: Wuxia Ping birthday party

1983 Photoshoot for brand FILA outdoor clothing

1983 Photoshoot for Sportfashion brand BALENO

1983 June 19: In disco with Tang Jibao

1983 June: TV News Weekly

1983 June 21: Gold TV Weekly

1983 June 21: With no time to practice singing...

1983 June 23 - July 13: European tour

1983 June 23: Hong Kong airport

1983 june 24: Three heroines in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”

1983 June 24: Yung Mei Ling will be on air more often....

1983 June 25: Photo shoot Chinatown London

1983 June 26: Photoshoot in Histon







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