1983 March 3: There are a lot of accidents happen....

1983 March 3: Yung Mei Ling was injured

1983 March 8: Gold TV Weekly

1983 March 8: Yuland TV magazine article

1983 March 12: peak of audience rating and breaks the record of TVB teleplay

1983 March 12: The audience rating of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” was high

1983 March 12: TV News Weekly

Barbara's letter 13 March 1983

1983 March 16: The leading roles of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” frequently got accidents

1983 March 16: They all got experiences to be hospitalized

1983 March 16: Yung Mei Ling attended the second pre shooting ceremony

1983 March 16: Opening cermony actors Legend of Condor Heroes part 2

1983 March 16: Yung Mei Ling encountered all sorts of difficulties

1983 March 16: Yung Mei Ling was happy with the audiences’ positive feedback

1983 March 17: TV Week

1983 March 20: The long ours of work have wearied Yung Mei Ling

1983 March 21: Weng Meiling is frank and confessed, there is no history of romance.

1983 March 26: Kee Fong Weekly

1983 March 28: Hong Kong New Digest

1983 March 30: Holding hands after their lover affair goes public.....

1983 March 30: Kent Tong and Yung Mei Ling do not mind taking photo together

1983 March 30: Yung Mei Ling was working hard day and night (partly translated)

1983 March: Cabstar calender


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