1984 June: Housewife and family

Barbara's letter june 1984

1984 Barbara's apartment in Hong Kong

1984 June 4: Weng Meiling has no intention going on stage as a couple

1984 June 4: Yung Mei Ling had no interest in organizing a lovers chorus.

1984 June 4: Yung Mei Ling joins the award ceremony of “Annual Governor Bowling Tournament“

1984 June 4: Special guest at bowling tournament

1984 June 7: Yung Mei Ling wearing sun glasses

1984 June 7: Weng Meiling is very popular

1984 June 8: Yung Mei Ling acknowledged a new nominal mother (translated)

1984 Photoshoot LACOSTE sun glasses

1984 June: holiday in England with Kent


1984 June miscellaneous pictures


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