On the 23th of June 2016  I met Andrew (Barbara’s cousin) and Sheila (Barbara’s aunty) in a very old pub in Cambridge. They invited me for a pub diner there. It was more than 35 years ago when I saw Sheila the last time. She said she still recognized me, which surprised me as I changed a lot, maybe she was being kind to me. It was a very enjoyable evening. We talked about our past together and our plan regarding Barbara in the future. Andrew talked about his plans for an exhibition with his fathers and Barbara’s art work. He showed me pictures of Barbara’s work that has never been published yet. I talked about the book I want to write and they answered the many questions I had. Sheila came into the family in 1977 and therefore she was a witness of all Barbara’s struggles in our relation. She was able to tell a lot of things I didn’t know and I could tell her a few things she didn’t know. Andrew also showed me a lot of personal pictures of Barbara which have never been published before. Unfortunately I had to catch my last bus to my sleeping address or else we would have talked for many hours more. Sheila and Andrew were so kind to drive me to the bus stop as it rained very hard. And we promised to stay in contact, which we since then have done.

Andrew, Sheila and I are striving for the same cause; keeping the memory of Barbara alive. This means that the coming years there will be more information about Barbara released. About Barbara as an actress, her personal life and Barbara as an artist.

Sheila also asked me to let people know (by my website) not to donate any money to organisations who say they are collecting money to support Barbara’s mother.  The family never requested this and Barbara’s mother is well taken care for.





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