Beloved Uncle Tang (I guess Barbara called her stepfather Uncle Tang) and mother,


I have not heard from you for a long time since the sound-recording from you last time. I had been worried about it and was looking forward to hearing from you. I had wanted to write to you to ask about it. However, various tests in the last few weeks caught me on the wrong foot and it was hard for me to deal with. Then suddenly, I got a phone call from mother around 3A.M.last night. I should have been glad to hear from you; nevertheless, I got a chilling feeling when I heard mother's tone. There must be something made mother agitated and anxious (worry). But, I didn't know how to console mother at that moment, so I decided to immediately write this letter to ask for the reason (what happened) and also to persuade mother to take it easy and not to get too angry. In this dog-eat-dog world (cruel world), we can't prevent more. Only when we don't panic in emergencies and keep a clear conscience, can we deal with it. Mother you don't need to deal with those sly and inhuman wretches, because good and evil will always be rewarded, it is only a question (matter) of time. I don't believe we will be bullied forever. So why don't we just take the short end of the stick this time? We can start it over again so long as we work hard. The most important thing is your health. Mother, you can't get too annoyed, it will hurt your health. Why care so much?


Everyday each one of us wishes you happy and healthy. I believe God helps those who have good wishes. You don't have to worry about us, since we know how to take care of ourselves and take care of the family. Everything is fine in the family. Mrs. Fang and Godmother come to visit us whenever they have time. They also asked me about you, I answered their questions and also expressed your appreciation to both of them. Mother, I had said that no matter what happens, you should not fight with Uncle Tang, because you need someone to talk over with and take care of you. I hope you can calm down, forget the unhappiness and have a happy and easy life soon, we will be happy about it. That is it, please say hello to Uncle Tang and tell him I will talk with him next time.

Wish you happy and healthy!

Daughter: Niu

From Barbara


(Thank you Melanie for this translation)







祝 生活愉快,身體健康!                                                                                                              




女兒 囡囡上                                                                                          


From Barbara                                                                                           











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Barbara is a really sensible and filial girl .she could confort her mother when she was a little girl .her sense of insecurity came largely from her familiy changes.
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