The CCAT is now called the Anglia Ruskin University.

nameplate anglian ruskin


Many of the old buildings have gone. Luckily some remained,l containing some happy memories. Like below. This courtyard was one of our favorite places. Straight ahead used to be the sporthall, where we played a lot, nearly daily, table tennis. The building on the left was the main administration with a nice hall where we played badminton. The sport hall was to low for badminton. On the left there used to be the 'Batman", but this has been replaced by a very modern cafe.

old main entrance

Below the main hall, where Barbara and I played badminton.

I only have two pictures of the CCAT thirty years ago and both of them have Barbara in it.

BY in front of sciencebuilding2


The science building still exits. As you can see below the tree at the background of the picture with Barbara has grown a lot.

 science building

Below a bit less clear but Barbara is sitting in front of the arts building.

 by in front of arts building2

The trees have gone but this building is still in use as an arts building. Barbara classroom was in the right building on the top floor with the windows in the roof. The windows were made this way to give a better natural light by making drawings.

arts building

The school still teaches the same type of art courses as Barbara followed.

name plate fashion design

The art classrooms haven't changed. In these classes Barbara spend most of her time making her drawings and prints. How little has changed in the art department, and the teachers are still as friendly as they used to be. They had no problem with me walking around, taking pictures.

classroom statues




Below used to be the canteen. At the table by the third open window from the right, there sat Barbara always writing her diary before we met.


This old hall, I think it was a chapel once, was the music practice room. It had a nice acoustic sound. I don't think Barbara ever went there. I had my guitar lessons here.

old music room


Below, this entrance used to be the entrance of the library. Here Barbara used to wait for me after her lessons of the day. Great memories I have of this hallway. It is now the entrance of the theater.

old library entrance





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6 years ago
Rob, I can imagine your feelings must be very complicated when you re-visited all these places.
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6 years ago
Not really, I have happy memories with these places. I like to visit them.
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9 years ago
Rob, You have so many wonderful memories. I really like it.
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little annie
11 years ago
:-? a?
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