The fish and chips shop of Barbara's family at 6 station road in Histon. picture taken in 2011



Barbara, her mother and uncle lived above the shop. The window on the right was of the living room, the left window, above the carport was of the kitchen.



These were the open hours in 2011, just in case you want to visit the shop. The shop isn't owned anymore by Barbara's family.


achterkant huis

                                                                                      Barbara's bedroom


The fish and chip shop from the back.


plattegrond huis


IMG 5379

This lovely little park is near the fish and chip shop in centre of Histon

In 1981 Barbara moved with her mother away from the fish and chip shop. They bought a house nearby in a street called Burroughfiel, nr 7. Some pictures from Barbara's holiday in England in 1983 and 1984 were taken here.

burroughfield7 histon








 More information about Histon you can find at: and at


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10 years ago
I wonder what happened to Barbara's mother and uncle. Are they still alive?
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10 years ago
:lol: :lol:
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11 years ago
Rob, Thank you for your information and sharing.

Barbara has passed away for 27 years and she is still living in all of our heart. In the past 27 years, I believe her mother is still living with loneliness and sadness. As I remember, her mother should a 85 years old lady and she lives alone in England. I don't know if you would take a visit to her mother in future. If so, I hope you can let her know that she is not alone and all of us are caring and loving her very much. Please pass our message to her. Thank a lot. :-)
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11 years ago
Thank u for sharing rob.
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11 years ago
Thank you, Bob.

Barbara IS the first girl from the movie I ever loved. I once used 蓉儿 as my nickname on the net.

May God bleass her, and you too.
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11 years ago
thanks rob
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11 years ago
Thank you for creating this website. Until now I know how much I have been missing her and her roles. The loss of her life was a tremendous suffering to many of us in our time mid 1980s.
Thank you Rob. Love you Barbara
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11 years ago
I feel that you love her so much ,because after so many years the pic ,still keep so good .and that girl still so sweet as if the time stop in that year.thanks so much ,every one can see that beautiful girl and she look so happy with you and your love in the pic.memory and the old time can't copy.we learn to remember and be thankful...照片保存得真的很好,是个有心人。
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