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  • 2016 june 23: Meeting Barbara’s family again.
    afterthink 3 days ago
  • 1983 January 7: The Kung Sheung Daily News (translated) -- Kent Tong dated with Yung Mei Ling
    afterthink 3 days ago
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    Rob 1 month ago
    Hi, I have not written my book yet, I am still working on it. And as I have little time it will take a long time till I finish writing. Especially for Barbara fans I made another website on which I publish my research about Barbara's life. The website is called The information on this website will eventually end up in the yet to be written book.
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    Childhood Fan 2 months ago
    Just came across your website a week ago and have finished reading your stories of Barbara. Thank you for sharing them and giving us an insight into her life that we would've never known. Have you published your book yet? If so, what is the title and ISBN #? Would love to read the book.
  • Guestbook 2020 and later
    Yee 2 months ago

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