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1985 02 robbery02

Background information

On 10 December 1984, Weng Meiling was robbed at 3am on Broadcast Drive. Although she only lost a thousand dollars and a watch, she was shocked and went to the police to report the robbery. The two rarely returned to Hong Kong. At the beginning of 1985, Weng Meiling's mother came back to Hong Kong to visit Weng Meiling and left on 2 February to stay with her daughter for a month. It is possible that she met Fei Fei during her stay in Hong Kong and asked about Weng Meiling between 1.30 and 2.2, as the newspapers said that Fei Fei had not returned to Hong Kong on 1.29 in Taiwan. It was reported on 2.4 that Fei Fei said he hoped there would be fewer rumours and villains.

Related information: In April 83, it was reported that Chi Mei Zhen had been robbed at her home and the trio might have tried to rob her. In June 83, there was also news of a trio of robbers at Feng Cui Fan's home. Before Weng Meiling 's death, the family across the street from Fei Fei's home was Qin Xianglin. In 1970, Shen Tianxia formed the Silver Rats with Zhang Chong, Xie Xian, Chen Ziqiang, Chen Hao, Qin Xianglin and Deng Guangrong, with the men calling each other Brother 1 to Brother 6 and Shen Tianxia being the seventh sister. The house that Weng Meiling bought was sold to Weng Meiling by Zhang Chong, who was his daughter.

Fei Fei was told the news of Weng Meiling’s death by Wang Yu, who thought it was a joke, but Fei Fei believed it when she saw that Wang Yu was serious and not joking. When Fei Fei returned home that night, she immediately told Qiu Guan, who was sleeping, that her first reaction to the news was to murmur, "No Amitabha," and then to get up and offer incense to Guanyin.

Fei Fei said: Weng Meiling had acted with Qiu Guan in the play "The Sandwich Man" and we were very close, and Weng Meiling had even visited his home. She thought that Weng Meiling was a good and intelligent actress, and it was a pity that she passed away at such a young age. She did not go to the funeral parlour yesterday to pay her respects as Ah Fei had only got married to Qiu Guan this year to avoid conflicts and rumors. Weng Meiling was a neighbour and lived on the same floor at Welcome gardens. Will she feel terrible about Weng Meiling's death. She said bluntly, "I am right in my actions, right in my business, what am I afraid of?"

Interview with Weng Meiling about the rumours connected with the robbery in Magazine: February 1985

The case of the robbery is still unsolved, but there are rumours in the community are that she was robbed in connection with Fei Fei . The case is still unsolved.

Reporter: "What do you think of this?"

Weng Meiling : "I'm baffled too. People should know that I always ignore what is written about me, whether good or bad, but I'm surprised that some people are getting more and more outrageous and can create such hurtful rumours." Ah Weng was also furious over the matter.

Reporter: "Have you and Fei Fei ever talked about this matter?"

Weng Meiling : "That was Fei Fei who took the initiative to say to me that the most important thing is for everyone to understand what this is all about and not to let these frivolous rumours ruin the friendship between each other."

Reporter: "What was your reaction when you first heard the rumours? Did you believe them?"

Weng Meiling : "Of course I didn't believe it. For one thing, I'm not such a gossipy person, and for another, even if I were such a person, Fei Fei could have scolded me and beaten me up if she was displeased with me, so there was no need to go to such lengths, and in case people found out, wouldn't they be doing themselves a disservice?"

Reporter: Fei Fei has already said that she will pursue this matter, what action do you have?"

Weng Meiling : "Everything depends on what Fei Fei does! I must be on her side, and I'll go along with whatever action she wants to take."

Reporter: "Does Ah Tong know about this?"

Weng Meiling : "So what if he does? It's not like he can do anything to help." She said indifferently.

He had recently returned to Hong Kong, but had left again after a few days.

Reporter: "You're not worried that he's having an affair in Taiwan?"

Weng Meiling : "If he does, he'll have them in Hong Kong, too, depending on whether he can hold himself together."

Reporter: "The girls in Taiwan are great! And he's famous as a pretty boy , so you're really not worried that he'll get chased?"

Weng Meiling : "Even in Hong Kong, there are people chasing him all the time, am I worried that much?" She asked in return.

When Ah Tong went to Taiwan to shoot a movie, he had been calling Ah Weng long distance almost every other day, so it seemed that she couldn't be bothered.

Reporter: "Is it hard for him to film over there?"

Weng Meiling : "Of course it's hard, I'm having a hard time in Hong Kong too, so who am I going to tell? We don't have much time to talk to each other, and I'm tired of talking about these things."


辟谣贴: 2003年网络有关阿翁和肥肥的传闻,造谣者非常恶毒和恶心人,其实这个谣言在阿翁生前就有了,阿翁也予以否认了!=气愤表情=。。。85.2杂志报道: 【翁美玲听从肥肥做主】
肥肥说:阿翁曾与秋官合演过《夹心人》一剧,大家十分熟络,阿翁还曾到其家。她认为阿翁是一个好戏而且聪明的女孩子,这么后生便离开人世,实太可惜。因阿肥今年才与秋官结婚,避免红白相冲,故她昨日没有到殡仪馆至祭。阿翁、肥肥是邻居,分居伟锦园同层,对于阿翁之死,她会否感到可怕?她直言说:“我行得正,企得正,而且各家各主,我怕什么?”。。。。。。。背景资料: 1984.12月10日,阿翁于凌晨三点在广播道遇劫,虽然只损失了千多元的财物和一只手表,不过却令她饱惊一场,遇劫后阿翁去警察局报案。。。这之前84.9月底郑少秋早就去台湾发展了,肥肥伴随去了台湾,两人极少返港。。。85年初,翁妈妈又来到香港看望阿翁,2月2日离开香港,陪女儿住了一个月。翁妈妈在港期间遇到肥肥询问阿翁的事情,有可能是1.30日到2.2号之间,因为报刊说1.29日肥肥在台湾还没回港。。2.4日报道 肥肥说希望少些传闻和小人出现。。。。。。。。相关资料: 83.4月有戚美珍家中遇劫新闻,三人可能还想劫色。。。83.6月还有冯淬帆家中遇三人劫匪新闻。。。阿翁去世之前,对门肥肥家住的是秦祥林。。。1970年,沈殿霞与张冲、谢贤、陈自强、陈浩、秦祥林、邓光荣合组“银色鼠队”,男士们互称一哥至六哥,沈殿霞则是七妹。。。阿翁是张冲契女,阿翁所购房子是张冲卖给阿翁的。。。

source: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4639205072832709


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