In 1982, she participated in the finals of the Miss Hong Kong campaign in Lee theater

1983 Lee theater01


On the 16th anniversary of the 1983 anniversary in Lee theater, in front of Weng Meiling is the director of the wireless TV, Mr. Li Xiaohe.

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Lee Theatre was originally a famous theater in Hong Kong, located at 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay. Mainly used for performances such as Cantonese opera, opera and concerts, and for screening movies. It used to be a high-end entertainment venue in Hong Kong.
Lee Shen Lee Theater is built in the year of 1925, on both sides of the stage hung a pair with:
"Lee trespassing southeast Palais dressed temporary resort 
dance Zheng Chao Hu Xiao full sets of pipes played Gabriel."
The Lee stage was renovated in the 1970s. In 1973, the Lie family owned the TV, holding the first Miss Hong Kong campaign, the final was held on the Lee stage. Since then, the annual Miss Hong Kong campaign finals have usually been held on the Lee stage until the late 1980s. The Lee stage was demolished in 1991, and the commercial tower of the today's commercial building was built in 1995.
Lee Stage Plaza was refurbished in 2012, changing the entrance atrium to an open space. In the past, the original stage of the atrium in the atrium was also lost after the renovation. Miss Hong Kong TVB Hong Kong Special Administrative Region · Lee Stage Plaza #Hong Kong Heritage Museum # 罗文

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翁美玲在 利舞臺[给力]:
[鲜花]1982年參加 香港小姐 競選決賽之塲地。

圖 9:1983年16周年台慶夜,在翁美玲前面的是無綫電視董事利孝和夫人。


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