"Challenge" promotional activities in the Hong Kong Shooting Association Jiuhua Path Practice Range

On the afternoon of 1985.4.19, Barbare and Liang Zhaowei and others held a "Challenge" promotional event at the Jiuhua Trail Gun Club. On the same day, there was a propaganda photo of "Planting Plan" in the wireless branch. It is estimated that it was held in the morning, and then many actors and Aung Liang Chaowei and others went to the Jiuhua Trail Gun Club to carry out the "Challenge" propaganda in the afternoon. There are Ouyang Peishan, Sima Yan, Xia Yu, Bai Yin, and Xiang Yi.

翁美玲超话1985年TVB超话時裝電視劇 “挑戰” 宣傳活動在 香港射擊總會 九華徑練靶場 [微风]#怀念翁美玲#
@潇湘翠竹2013: 翁美玲超话1985.4.19日下午阿翁梁朝伟等人在九华径枪支会举办《挑战》宣传活动。当天在无线分厂还有《种计》宣传照,估计是上午举行的,然后很多演员下午和阿翁梁朝伟等人去九华径枪支会进行《挑战》宣传了。有欧阳佩珊,司马燕,夏雨,白茵,湘漪 。谢谢湛山子提供现在靶场的图片
Article of shooting range translated by Google translate
The Hong Kong Shooting Federation intends to rebuild the shooting range.

The Hong Kong Shooting Federation intends to rebuild the shooting range above the Jiuhua Path Fresh Water Distribution Reservoir, providing a 10-meter range with 30 target lanes, 6 sets of target aircraft, a 25-meter range with a total of 30 target lanes, and 20 target lanes. The reconstruction cost of the 50-meter shooting range has been applied to the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charitable Trust Fund for about 30 million Hong Kong dollars, and the project will take about 6 to 9 months. The shooting range will be operated in a self-financing manner. Based on the estimated annual activity of more than 30,000 people, it will reach a break-even.

The association pointed out that in terms of popularization, it will provide Hong Kong people with an appropriate and comprehensive contact platform. It is hoped that more people will double the number of people involved in shooting through professional training. During the year, the number of participants can exceed 30,000 per year. As for elitism, the association also claims to be a member of the Hong Kong team to create a professional and systematic training platform.

In terms of events, the association is expected to hold the Southeast Asian Shooting Championships at the Jiuhua Trail Shooting Range in 2021. The championship will be held at the Jiuhua Trail Shooting Range after nearly 37 years. There will be more than 200 people from 11 countries. Athletes and team members came to Hong Kong to compete.

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