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Weng Meiling and Benny Li and others traveled to Macao in 1983 and they went to the Pinocchio restaurant to eat.


Portuguese Restaurant Cozinha Pinocchio

Address: No.38, Qiandi, fire station, old town, Taipa, Macau (guanye Street)

Tel. + 853 2882 7128

Business hours: 11:45-23:00


The first issue of City Weekly

August 20, 1983


Huang Rong has a meal at Pinocchio restaurant

Last Sunday, our group went to Macau together. Weng Meiling and Kent Tong also were there. Wherever they go, there will be reporters taking photos, and the two of them had no scruples to show up.

In the evening, we had a Portuguese meal together at the Pinocchio restaurant in Taipa. Weng Meiling got into trouble because the people in the restaurant recognized that Huang Rong had come to have a Portuguese meal. They immediately swarmed around her and surrounded her. After we had finished our meal, she was still signing her name for fans. Kent Tong, who was sitting next to her, couldn't eat either. He became a temporary receptionist to help "Rong Rong" do the autographing.

After dinner, they were still surrounded by a large number of fans. Kent Tong had to drag Weng Meiling to the "back room" until he could drive away, and all the guests were relieved.

source: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4582556034930852


翁美玲和 @李純恩Benny 等一伙人在1983年到#澳门# 旅行,曾到過 木偶萄國餐廳 吃萄國餐[馋嘴]

【木偶葡國餐廳 Cozinha Pinocchio】
地址:澳門 氹仔 舊城區 消防局前地38號(官也街)
電話:+853 2882 7128

城市周刊 創刊號





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3 years ago
Hi Rob,

If I'm a famous celebrity like BY, i couldn't eat my meals in peace. I cannot imagine how BY cope all along. Famous celebrity are human beings after all, need to have their own meals in peace. I'm sure BY find it annoying!
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