Hong Kong TV 914, 9 May 1985

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For many years, she insisted on wearing a long hair shawl. This time, she couldn't bear the hairdresser's wordiness. She finally cut her short hair, but she regretted it. Weng Meiling's unrestrained, frank and frank character can be seen from her short hair.

She said that sometimes she was stubborn, just like she had insisted on her hair growing to the neck for many years, so stubborn that the hairdresser would burst her lungs. So whenever she wanted to trim her hair, the hairdresser would repeat those old sayings again and again. Finally, she shook the stubborn Weng Meiling and cut such a short hair.

When a Weng regretted that it was too late, she had to be patient and wait for her hair to grow to the length between her shoulders again.

I asked her why she insisted so much?

She shrugged and said, "it's just a habit. I'm used to seeing myself like this. I'm not used to changing my hair."

She thinks she has a character that doesn't like too much change.

I told her that since her personality is like this, the emotional treatment is no exception, so her relationship with ah Tang has not changed much.

A Weng ignored my analysis and continued to say about her hair: "I've been in TVB for more than three years, and I haven't had my hair cut this short. Just this once... Fortunately, my hair grows fast."

The reason why she refused to cut her hair short was that she thought straight and long hair was the easiest to take care of.

A Weng is most afraid of "posture". Usually, she can't even put on lipstick, so she walks outside with little make up. So she says that if her friends asks her to go out of the street. She is the first one ready. She also jokes that "when filming, you need to put on heavy makeup, after filming your skin needs to breathe fresh air!

This is her character, so I think Xie Bihua, the frank and confident police inspector in the "challenge", is somewhat similar to Weng Meiling's character. Weng Meiling neither agrees nor opposes... She just says with a smile: "it's very comfortable to shoot the" challenge "except that it's hard to catch up with the play, because the people in the play are CID, so they don't need to be particularly" neat "to dress up to suit my personality.

Maybe because she hadn't dressed up for a long time, Weng Meiling came up with a ghost idea that day, adding pearls to his heavy make-up. It's like a woman over a woman, so the photographer didn't miss this rare opportunity.

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