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Yung Mei Ling has good relations with people surprisingly as she joined the entertainment industry late.
Yung Mei Ling takes all her work seriously. She never comes late or leaves early.


Newspaper Name: 工商日報
Date: 1983年2月15日


Yung Mei Ling was injured and sent to the hospital when filming the “The Eagle Shooting Heroes”. A journalist went to visit her which delighted her.

Charmingly she says: I feel bored as I am lying in bed all the time. She looks full of energy.

Journalist responses: You have not yet get recovered. You must stay at hospital. Many TV series is waiting for you to perform in future.

Yung Mei Ling says: I feel sorry that I affect the filming progress due to my injury…

Journalist responses: Forget it! You need to take a rest. Don’t worry.

Journalist knows her character which is taking every responsibility seriously. Like filming in “The Legend of the Unknowns”, she never came late and left early. Besides, she must remember all the script in advance. That is the reason that Shia San praised Yung Mei Ling’s performance. Unexpectedly, she still takes it serious even under this circumstance.

Journalist asks: Many people come to visit you. Why you still feel bored? Journalist saw many fruit baskets and a bundle of flowers placed everywhere in the room.

Yung Mei Ling says: They are caring to me very much. Some fans would come to visit me. They make me feel warm. Could you please help to say thank you on my behalf and stating it in the newspaper?

Journalist responses: Sure!

Yung Mei Ling does not enter entertainment industry for very long time but she can deal with everything appropriately and has a good relationship with people. Journalist is pleased to interview her. It seems that working in entertainment industry is suitable for her and she must have a good career prospect.

Picture: Yung Mei Ling dedicated herself to the work.

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The same article was published on 15/02/1983 in The Kung Sheung Evening News and on 21/02/1983 in the Sing Tao Daily News 

(thanks to Kitty for sending met and translating this article)

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