Weng Meiling is a fishy grade, but she often eats spicy food.

Garbo----End of the World
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83.5.9 Hong Kong Business Daily reported
         Weng Meiling’s recent increase in her food intake and her desperate efforts to eat more nutritious food was due to the sudden loss of weight due to busy shooting of “The Legend of Eagle Shooting Heroes”.

         When she is free, Weng Meiling will spoil several sparrows with a few good friends and often stick out her hot, but she is only a friend's mouth.

         "It's all about luck. I have luck with everything I do. It wasn't concocted. The cards I wanted were automatically touched back," she grinned.

         Weng Meiling is a Catholic, but as the Romans do, she worships God.

         "Any religion is also good for people. In any case, it can be reassuring. Why not do it?"

         Colleagues went to Wong Tai Sin to worship God. She would also take part in it. Occasionally she would also ask for support and ask herself.

         When asked about the content of the signing, she only said: "Well, I will remember it. If I forget it, I will feel more happy."




04.11 11:33
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