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recently many rumours sayi Kent Tong and Yung Mei Ling have fallen in love, but they both denied this in public.  However, this is a fact.  Since Yung Mei Ling was injured, Kent Tong has been seen with her. And he takes care of her. Yung Mei Ling agreed that this is true.

Yung Mei Ling was injured and spent two days in a hospital.  In these two days, when he was free Kent Tong went to hospital to visit her.  A journalist bumped into him in at the hospital.  Therefore they cannot deny this rumour anymore.

Yung Mei Ling also admitted that Kent Tong not only visited her these few days, but also that Kent made a homemade soup for her even he was busy.  Yung Mei Ling said she felt Kent treated her with care.

Nevertheless, when a journalist asked them if they were falling in love, Barbara refused at once and expressed that they were just friends and that they did not have a special relationship.  She said that he was just one of her friends and he is friendly and easy to talk to.

A journalist wanted to get the chance to ask Kent but he just stayed hospital for a few minutes. When the journalist entered to a patient’s room he left carrying his therrmos bottle  

Yung Mei Ling revealed that the stiches can be taken out of her injured eye and she believes that she can resume her work after taking two more days of rest. Now, she hopes to have a deep sleep as she needs to catch up lost time in the serie once she was back to her work.

With regard to her previous TV program “The Legends of the Unknowns”, the audiences reaction to this program was quite good.  The audiences comments to her acting was good but not excellent. Yung Mei Ling expressed that it was easy to act as an unruly princess but acting as Huang Rong is different.  This role is a main role in the serie and it has many emotional parts.  Moreover, in this role, her character changes.  She is unruly but she is also gentle. In addition, there are many fighting scenes.  She is very worried even when she is in hospital.  She is afraid that if her acting is bad the audience is going to blame to her.


香港工商日報, 1983-02-06

香港 : 香港工商日報;

(thanks to Kitty for this article and her translation)

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