Acting as Huang Rong in "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" Yung Mei Ling's heart was touched very much as this role's character and destiny were very similar as hers when she was 10 years old.

Yung Mei Ling says "My father is like Huang Rong's father. He adored me and encouraged me. Therefore I am obstinate and arbitrary. I like to do everything by myself. I focus on myself.”

"When father passed away, I felt frustrated and I became more mature.”

Yung Mei Ling has dual characters. Even though she is young she is very emotional she can spontaneously
want to go to a disco to have some fun.

She says "Going to disco will let me forget everything. But on the other hand, I like to stay alone in a quiet place to think”

In "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", she acted with Tsang Kong as a "Father and daughter" relationship. When they are off the work, Yung Mei Ling always asks him to teach her how to act well in a play and Tsang Kong was pleased to chat with her. Thus, Yung Mei Ling is non-stop saying "Daddy! Daddy!".

(thanks to Kitty for the article and the translation)

香港工商日報, 1983-07-07

香港 : 香港工商晚報; 1983-07-07



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