Note from the translator.

Barbara was consider a famous final contestant 'getting media attention'. During the Finals of Miss HK, Barbara met businessman Alex 黄礼维 and he was seen escorting Barbara to TVB.  Barbara and Alex only dated a few months. Alex was not Barbara's boyfriend, they were just dating, getting to know each other. friends,...

However, while hosting Woman Today, Kam Shum 沈金玲 was dating Alex, they married shortly after. Now they are divorced and Kam works nowadays in the insurance business. Kam Shum
Kam is No.2 in 1982 Miss HK.  She won the Miss Young award. Due to the Pageant competiton and hosting the same show, Kam and Barbara became friends. They stopped beeing friends after Alex started dating Kam.
In this picture you see Barbara, Kam Shum and Alex


 Alex collecting Barbara after a repetition for the Pageant competition



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