An Interview at the Opening Ceremony of "Youth movie Youth mission"
Jiabao ---- Tianya 2018-02-27 16:47:05 

Yung Mei Ling is dressed very beautifully. It turns out that Kent Tong is really in a bad mood, and it is not an illusion from the photos. ​​​ On March 12, Yung Mei Ling received a notice from the company and deliberately dressed up to go back to the company. She also informed her boyfriend Kent Tong to go with her. When I arrived at the TBV, I learned that I was scheduled to attend the opening ceremony of "Youth Mission". Since the film did not have a scene with the two of them, Kent Tong was very dissatisfied and left immediately. But Yung Mei Ling had no choice but to stay in order to avoid trouble. She also said that she had been troubled by scandals recently and was in a bad mood. She wanted to explain the scandals, but she didn't know where to start, so she lost weight. She originally planned to go to Japan to relax, but now that she has been assigned to star in ""United we stand", she has to postpone her plan.


The Chinese Hong Kong movie "Youth Mission" starred Tony Leung, Anita Mui, Tsang Huaqian, and Lu Fang. It tells the story of a group of young detectives who outsmart a human-snake syndicate....

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​​​ 3月12日,阿翁接到公司通知,刻意打扮回公司,她还通知男友汤镇业与她一起前往。到了公司才知被安排出席《青春差馆》的开镜礼,因为该片没有他俩的戏,汤镇业甚得不满,立即离去。但翁美玲为免麻烦,只有留下来。她并谓:近来受绯闻困扰,心情欠佳,她本欲解释绯闻,但又不知从何说起,为此体重骤降。她原本计划到日本散心,但现被派演《楚河汉界》,只有将计划押后。

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