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Shin Min Daily News (新明日報), 26 February 1985

Yung Mei Ling's last year's luck went smoothly. She is going to Thailand to thank the Four-faced Buddha.

(Hong Kong) - The Hong Kong-based singer and actress is going to Thailand today for an interview with Wong Yat-wa. She believes she will not have much time to go out, but she hopes to pay homage to the Four Faces Buddha.

She said that she was asked to go to a disco on the night of New Year's Eve, but she was too tired to join the party, and she didn't go to Kent's home for the New Year dinner. As for the amount of red packets she will receive this year, she said she has not calculated it yet, so she does not know how much.

After filming the drama "The Challenge", TVB has approached entertainment companies for her to get her in a show on stage, mostly in Southeast Asia.

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4778181054433013


新明日報 26 February 1985

翁美玲 要赴泰答谢 四面佛

(香港讯) 翁美玲与黄日华于今天赴泰国接受访问,她相信没有多时间出外玩,但她希望可抽空拜四面佛,由于上次她到泰国登台,曾在四面佛面前许愿,今年运程亦不错,但因为没有时间,所以没有还神,只到过沙田还神,所以她希望今次再拜四面佛。



More information on the four faced Buddha: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phra_Phrom


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2 years ago
I was 17yo when you left for Heaven.. I am watching now reruns of LOCH in youtube. TVB released your so so beautiful serials in youtube... I can see your beautiful smiles... I am glad they are all captured in eternity... I love you so so much
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