When we returned back in England we agreed that we should not see each other the following week. Just not to annoy Barbara's mother. Five days later Barbara phoned me and asked me if I could please come to visit her at Addenbrooke's Hospital.

There she told me that her mother had seen the Iranian girl in Cambridge while we were on holiday. The girl was so startled that she confessed that the holiday was fake. This way her mother found out that her daughter had a boyfriend and that she had gone on holiday with this boyfriend and also that the boyfriend was not Chinese.

Things must have gone completely out of hand that Friday when Barbara came home. I don't know what exactly happened but Barbara had to swear she would never see me again. The following Monday evening, when her mother was playing mahjong outdoors, Barbara swallowed the contents of a bottle of sleeping pills. Luckily her mother came home in time. Barbara was rushed to the hospital where her stomach was emptied.

I couldn't believe what I heard. In hospital we talked about what to do now. I asked her to come and stay in my parent's house, just like Heather stayed there, we had enough spare rooms. I told her that I could even persuade my parents to take financially care of her. But Barbara didn't want to leave her family and assured me that everything would be alright now and that I didn't have to worry. But that she would understand if I wanted to leave her now. I told her that I didn't want to leave her and that I was going to stay in England for her (My mother got homesick, therefore my parents decided to go back to Holland coming summer. They assumed that I would go with them. Barbara knew this, but we never talked about it.)

I was interviewed by social worker. She told me that this was a classical case of a suicide situation which she encountered before. But there was nothing she could do about it if Barbara or her family didn't want to be helped.

Barbara's mother and uncle agreed that Barbara was allowed to see me again.

I don't think that the pictures we took during the holiday were ever developed.











(translated by Zhi)


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