The summer holiday was going to be a problem for me and Barbara. Going to school ensured us that we could see each other every day. It also made it possible to tell each other where we were going to be on the days when there was no school. And of course school was good fun, well at least the parts where we didn't have to follow lessons.

But in the summer holiday Barbara had to work in the fish and chip shop. Only Mondays would be her day off. It wasn't sure if she could see me on that day, this depended on what her mother wanted to do. Barbara was also going away with her mother on a two week holiday to the English coast.

Since we met we have never been separated for more than two days, this summer holiday was going to a challenge for us.
My father had his principles. One of them was that if his sons wanted to do something special, they have to pay for it themselves. If I wanted to go out or ride a bike or go on holidays, I had to work for it. He also wanted us to work in order to get some experience in low paid jobs. He hoped that this would stimulate us to finish our studies and not start work too early. His principles worked so well for me that I was 29 years old before I had my first serious job.

My father was one of the directors of a large company in Cambridge (Pye Unicam). He arranged for me a job at his company, in the fabrication department. It was a boring and dirty job. I didn't mind to work as it was only during the summer holidays and I used (or took advantage of) the privileges of being the bosses son. Like chatting with his secretary for a long time or drinking coffee with my father or his business partners. My foreman didn't dare to correct me on that. Also there was not much else to do as our friends worked as well or went home to their home country.
The problem was that my job was during the day and Barbara had work at lunchtime and in the evening. There were little opportunities tfor us to see each other.

In first week of the holiday Barbara told her mother that school was still going on and I arranged not to work that week, therefore we could see each other the whole week. The weeks after that Barbara had told her mother that she was following a summer art course on Mondays. That way we could see each other at least once a week. As I had to work on Monday she would be waiting for me at lunch time the outside the factory in a little park, we saw each other half an hour then. Then after work she was waiting for me again in the same park.

All the other days at the lunchtimes I went to the same park in the hope to find Barbara waiting for me. It was of course a bit stupid but I kept hoping she might turn up. It never happened, it was just wishful thinking. We tried to meet in weekends but that was always problematic and uncertain.

When Barbara went on the two week holiday with her mother it was a very difficult time for me. Later she showed me the photo's of that vacation, in all of them she was looking sad. When I asked her about it she said very annoyed 'What do you think, you know why!".








(translated by Zhi)





# RE: Summer holidayGuest 2010-07-27 15:43
Hi, Rob,

now then I know you are from a wealty family, so at least you meet some "pre-qualification" of what Barb's mother wanted, as being a candidate of her son-in-law. why she still so cold to you?

why there is nothing about Barb's stepfather? (I thot Barb's mother re-married to UK?)
# RE: RE: Summer holidayGuest 2010-07-27 21:41
Barbara's stepfather didn't live with Barbara. He occasionally came round. I have never seen him and Barbara hardly talked about him.
# Different types of daughtersGuest 2010-07-27 19:04
There is a Chinese girl treated like a "queen". She doesn't show much respect for her parents. She leads, her parents follows. Her parents does not question what she does. She doesn't want a job, yet her parents pay her bills. She is so spoilt that she has a broken marriage and suicides. She is still the queen. Barbara is such a responsible, good loving daughter. Life is hard for her.
# RE: Different types of daughtersGuest 2010-07-29 06:31
she worked at fish and chips every weekend.hello did you miss that part ? she had very little time for herself. :eek:

her parents didn't "follow her lead" when she wanted to hang out with rob. if she was treated like a queen that would've never happened :sigh:

if she was "so spilt" you would never label here "a responsible good loving daughter" :zzz

she had to do what her mother asked her to do even when she was 18 + her father died when she was very young. respecting step father is very hard when he isn't around when u need him or ever at all :-x

she never married. did she ? enlighten me please :o
# RE: Summer holidayGuest 2010-07-28 01:47
Cultural difference is really striking when it comes to youth education. Barbara must have envied you a great deal. :sigh:
# RE: Summer holidayGuest 2010-08-02 15:23
A special relationship that took lots of work and planning. It must have been real nice when you guys were able to meet. I feel for you. Thanks for the story as always, Love Reading every week!
# RE: Summer holidayGuest 2010-08-12 13:15
so pretty !i like her very much!
# Rob you are incredibly patientGuest 2010-09-13 21:27
I'm thinking the combination of the oppressive mother & inner rebellion in Barbara and your patience is making this all happening as a good story
# RE: 14. Summer holiday 暑假 (1977)tony 2013-06-09 08:11

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