Barbara's life was very different compared with mine. She was the only daughter of a single parent family who had to work hard for their money. I lived with my parents and my two older brothers in large bungalow. This house had a lovely garden with a pond and a tennis court. Some of the earlier pictures of Barbara where taken in this garden.

A girl called Heather lived with us. She was Bill's younger sister (see my story about meeting Bill). Heathers parents emigrated to Turkey, she stayed in our house to finish her study. Heather also studied at the CCAT, she was the same age as me and we were very close. Every evening we tell each other what we had done that day. Barbara always called her my sister.

My mother was a housewife and brought us up in a traditional way. This meant that we as boys didn't have to do anything at all at home. No cooking, no housekeeping, no tiding up. As long as we did well at school my parents let us do everything we wanted. My mother had difficulty integrating with the English way of life and with the language. To make her life more interesting she encouraged us to take our friends home. She didn't mind what they looked like or what kind of background they had, she made them always feel welcome. Our house became a meeting place with always young people around, it was lively and there was always something happening. We played football, tennis or badminton in the garden. Chatted, played chess or other games in the evening. The house had a separate room for those who wanted to watch television and a larger living room where we played all kinds of games. How different this was compared with Barbara's home. So far I know there were never any friends visiting Barbara at her home.

Barbara felt very comfortable in the relaxed environment of my home. She could get on very well with my brothers and she enjoyed being part of the group. Sometimes Barbara even cooked for us.

One day I was laying stretched on the floor talking to my mother who sat on the couch opposite me. Barbara sat on a comfortable chair next to her. Our conversation was in Dutch and we were just talking in a relaxed way. Although Barbara couldn't understand it, she seemed to be listening to it and smiled. I asked her why she was smiling. She said that she enjoyed the way I talked to my mother, she wished she could talk that same way at home to her mother.
Barbara said that she loved seeing that my parents were still holdings hands and cuddling each other. She hoped that when we were that age (about 50) we still be that affectionate.

1979 met pa


Barbara with my father


1977 tekening by

A drawing Barbara made for my parents in 1977.

by met broers

Barbara being cuddled by my two older brothers


1977 my parents backgarden with dog

Barbara with me and my dog Polly Ann in the garden of my parents house


gazeley road

A picture taken by Google maps of what used to be my parents house at Gazeley Road, Trumpington Cambridge. The blue coloured area with the houses used to be tenniscourts.














# Re: family lifeGuest 2010-12-14 01:56
How do you remember all these details? this is about 30 years ago, did you wrote diaries?
# Family lifeMelanie from USA 2011-09-23 02:24
"she wished she could talk that same way at home to her mother."
Having lived in Europe and now in America,I found out no matter what nationalities,mother's love for kids are the same, but just in different way. I believe Barbara's mother loved her as much as your mother loved you but just in different way. In Western countries, the relationship between parents and kids are more like friends, but in Asia, Parents have more authorities.
# RE: Family life 家庭生活 (1977)TY 2013-05-04 02:13
Hi Rob, is the drawing still around? Barbara drew very well.
# RE: Family life 家庭生活 (1977)Rob 2013-05-10 10:50
Yes, this picture is still hanging on the wall of my parents bedroom.
# RE: 07. Family life 家庭生活 (1977)TY 2013-05-10 13:04
Thanks Rob for the reply. I am not sure if this has sunk into you. LOCH is a Chinese timeless classic and has been adapted about 10 times in movies and TV. Barbara's portrayal of the leading actress will long be compared and remembered for many more years to come in future adaptations. Her fame and memory will live a long time. Which means that this drawing that Barbara drew is a treasure......:))
# RE: 07. Family life 家庭生活 (1977)Cindy 2013-05-13 13:24
Thanks very much for creating/keeping this site, loved her when I was a teen and visited her a couple of times @Carmbridge. Tomorrow is the heartbreaking day again for all her fans around world. We all grow up/old, but she is still young and beautiful as before.

Again, thanks Rob!
# RE: 07. Family life 家庭生活 (1977)Ani 2013-10-12 07:57
The last sentence hurt me deeply.
# vivivivi 2014-02-07 21:24
hi,rob.happy new year.Do you have a house in the UK, the family lives in the United Kingdom, You and barbara can be together.
# Family life 1977NGUYEN THI THU HONG 2015-01-13 03:28
She once loved you deeply, she had many dreams(about 50) but was soon shattered :sad:
# RE: 07. Family life 家庭生活 (1977)Nina 2015-06-15 04:58
I feel happy for Babara that she had so pleasant and nice time to be with you and your family! I can guess the life she wated should be with you and build your family together! I prefer she married you and did not go back to HONGKONG to be an actress. Then , she might be still alive and enjoy the normal happy life with you now!
# RE: 07. Family life 家庭生活 (1977)Sam Lau 2020-12-22 02:27
I wish she stayed in UK and went to Holland with you.It seems that she always wanted a complete family that she never had.

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