Mostly Barbara came to Norwich on Friday. If she came early in the afternoon she had to wait for me for I hadn't finished my lessons by then yet. The department of Biological Sciences had its own tea-room. Barbara would sit there to wait. One of my fellow students really liked Barbara and he always tried to get in contact with her while she was waiting. The guy was Indian, really sweet and polite. He wasn't trying to chat her up, it was more like adoring her. Often he told me how beautiful Barbara was and how lucky I was with such a girlfriend. The problem for him was that he was small, not much taller than Barbara. There were a few things Barbara didn't find attractive about men, one is being small. Therefore the poor guy got never got the attention from Barbara he hoped for. I wonder if Barbara ever realized she had such a dedicated admirer.

A lot of our time was spend on waiting for each other. This was just a part of our relation. We arranged to meet each other at some place and time and then we just had to wait for the other to turn up. Other things beyond our control determined whether we could get there on time. This could be a delayed train or Barbara having arguments with her mother or just a misunderstanding. But we both knew that eventually the other would turn up, no matter how long we had to wait. Two incidents I still remember clearly.

One time on a Friday evening it had been snowing a lot. Barbara was coming with the train to Norwich. I was to collect her around 8 o clock in the evening from the train station. But the train was delayed. I was waiting for hours in an empty railway station. I spended my time by helping passengers from other trains in carrying their suitcases. They were very surprised but grateful for this gentleman like behavior, especially when I refused to accept any money for it. Time went on and still Barbara's train had not arrived. The railway station was abandoned, they locked the waiting rooms. There was nowhere to sit except on a bench at the very cold and windy platform. I just sat there on my own, wondering how much longer this was going to take. I had no other choice; I had to wait for Barbara to come. Finally her train arrived it was 3 o clock in the morning. You should have seen Barbara's face when she saw me; very pleased and relieved that I had been waiting for her that whole night.

Different was the time that we agreed to meet at the London underground station Tottenham Court Road on a Saturday. We both had to do some shopping and we decided to meet at the entrance of this underground station. When I got there, there was no Barbara. I waited for hours. Being fed up waiting I walked in the station to buy a newspaper. And there I saw her, waiting by the other entrance. (I noticed that she bought the same newspaper as I did, strange that I remember that kind of detail after so many years). She also had been waiting there for hours. This time she was not pleased to see me. Barbara could be very fierce when she was angry, as I experienced then. But that didn't last long especially as I took the blame (seemed the most tactical thing to do). Also I used my special escalator tactic to calm her down.

This escalator tactic is gently holding Barbara against me when she stands in front of me on the escalator of a underground station. Then I put my arms around her and pull her towards me, so that my face ends up in her hair. When I did this, Barbara would kind of melt in my arms. She never stayed angry then. The very long escalators at the station Leicester square was my favorite spot to do this.



周五Barbara多数会来诺维克(Norwich),她会在下午早些到,我还没下课,她就等我。生物科学部有自己的休息室。 Barbara坐在那里等我。我有一个同学非常喜欢Barbara,她在那里时,他就总是找她搭话。这个同学是个印度人,非常可爱又彬彬有礼。 他倒是没有追她,更像是默默倾慕着她。他总告诉我Barbara是多么美丽,而我是多么幸运有她做女朋友。他很矮小,不比Barbara高多少。某些特征Barbara觉得会令男生缺乏吸引力,其中之一就是身材矮小。所以这个可怜的男孩子,没有如愿地引起Barbara多少关注。我不清楚Barbara是否知道他曾是一个含蓄的仰慕者。


一个周五晚上,下着大雪,Barbara坐火车到Norwich。 我约好8点左右到车站接她。然而火车晚点了。我在空荡荡的车站里等了几个小时。我帮着乘客拿行李打发时间。大家都觉得奇怪但也很感激我这种绅士行动,尤其是我拒绝收费。时间慢慢过去,Barbara的火车还是没来。火车站关门了,候车室也锁门了。我只能坐在又冷风又大的站台上等。我独自坐着,想着到底还得等多久。我没有其他选择,必须等到她。最终火车凌晨3点钟到的。Barbara看到我高兴极了,也大松了一口气。

还有一次情况有所不同,我们约好在Tottenhan Court Road地铁站见面。我们两个都需要买点东西,就说好在地铁入口等。我到了那里,找不到Barbara。我等了几个钟头。等得不耐烦了就进站买张报纸,结果看到她在另一个入口等着我。(我记得她也买了一张同样的报纸,很奇怪这么多年过去了,我还能记得这些细节。)她也等了几个钟头。这一次她看见我可一点也不高兴。她生气起来有时可以暴怒的,那次就是这样。她没有气太久,因为我承认是我的错(当时看来是最好的战术了)。另外我还用了我的电梯战术帮她平静下来。


(Thanks to Natalie for the translation)





# RE: waitinghey 2011-03-09 14:42
oh, you put up with her fiery temper for so long till you had enough of her so you broke up with her, is it?
# RE: RE: waitingMei Ling Fan 2011-03-10 04:09
Just follow the flow of the stories. Sooner later we will know the answer.

BTW, I heard from radio interview Barbara did say she is someone who don't give up that easily and has high expectation on her other half.
# RE: waitingJenny 2018-12-11 01:33
So shame to hear u say that!
# RE: waitingStacey 2011-03-09 18:07
You are very romantic and thoughtful. From the picture, it looks like you are carrying her poncho. From my experience, only guys who truly adore a girl would they do that.
# RE: waitingHannah 2011-03-10 02:13
Oh my gosh, how lovely this story is, and yes so detailed. Reading this just made me melt. You guys really did a lot to keep the relationship going. It proves that you both loved each other very very much.

Comment to "hey 2011-03-09 14:42
What a strange thing to say.
# RE: waitingKL 2011-03-11 19:04
How could you said such thing "hey". Let's follow his stories to find out how we had Barb as our movie star. Everything happen for a reason.
# RE: waitingBarfan 2011-06-03 08:25
based on ancient Chinese theory, a dedicated admirer owes (money or affection) to the admiree in a past life. so i guess Barbara was probably a big bank owner in the past life. :lol:

the waiting and the escalator tactic are both so sweet!
# RE: waitingHannah 2011-06-17 01:26
I just read this story again today. Funny because it gave me a kind of blushing feeling again, just like I read it the first time, hehe.
# RE: Waiting 等待 1979thup 2012-09-18 22:20
i wish i can see Barbara's face when she first saw you waiting for such a long hours...i can feel that she was pleased and relieved since she found such a lovely man who had been waiting for her that whole night.

thanks for sharing memories
# Merits=DemeritsKen Chau 2020-06-16 13:21
Barbara had merits of love but it became her demerits! She would not tolerate you talking to other girls, your lateness or mistakes.

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