I want to tell a real story here.

J is a girl from Finland. J and I went to the same school in Germany, she was 2 years senior than me. She took 2 years off the school, so we came to America to study MBA as exchange student in the same school in the same year.
J and I never met in Germany but got to know each other in America. Around one week after we arrived in America, she told me "My boyfriend Paul is coming to here in a week, he found a temporary job in xx city"

XX is around 60 miles away from our school. She also told me her boy friend is from wales(part of U.K.)and they got to know each other online. I can still remember how happy she was when she told me Paul was coming.

Paul studied sport related course in U.K. After he arrived in the U.S., he worked part time in a Gym in xx city.
Due to a move out, I stayed once in their apartment for 5 days. Paul was very sweet ,he went to work sometimes, cooked and picked up J after classes. J looked maturer than Paul. The funny thing was J drove most of the time.
One year later, on graduation ceremony, J introduced her boy friend to other fellow students and professors. People were all shocked that Paul came to America just to accompany J.

They decided to live in Paul's hometown in Wales after J graduated and they did go to Wales together. A few months after they left America. I met J on MSN, she told me she went back to Finland because she couldn't find a job in Wales.I thought they broke up. But she told me Paul was with her in Finland too.

After another few months, she told me she found a job in Finland and Paul was learning the Finnish language. She said Finnish is a very difficult language and there is not much common between English and Finnish.

I told her "Paul is a great guy. He always followed you for the best interest of you. You are so lucky to have him" She simply agree with me. Certainly, it is much easier for J to live in U.K.than Paul to live in Finland, because J can speak fluent English but Paul didn't know Finnish.
I have not contacted J for quite a long time, I guess they might get married. I am not sure.

J and Paul's story really moved me, they did have some circumstances that would destroy their relationship. But they especially Paul made efforts to stay together. Of course, their parents didn't step in their relationship but let them do whatever they want. Also they were about 26, mature enough to know what they wanted.

Rob, it was not your fault, you and Barbara were just too young to make a tough decision. Moreover,Barbara's mother made the relationship so difficult for you and Barbara.

16 oktober 2011


# RE: The story of J and Paulfans 2018-06-15 03:52
Rob can be willing to pay like this boy. The result will not be like this.
# RE: The story of J and PaulZoe leung 2019-01-01 14:18
This I do not agree with. they both tried their best their maturity allowed them at that time.

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